Interstellar Style Jennifer Lawerence’s Passengers Wardrobe Outfits Fashion Interstellar Style: Jennifer Lawerence’s Passengers Wardrobe With the Sci-fi genre not usually being known for it’s fashion and style credentials, 2016’s Morten Tyldum movie Passengers quickly proved an exception to the rule. A genre characterized with form fitting bodysuits, the utilitarian trench coat and rich golds… Read More
The Shining - 1980 Danny On the Carpet Hicks Hexagon Walls, Floors and Socks – Inspired by The Shining’s Carpet Stanley Kubrick's horrifying drama The Shining left no stone unturned. From the recognizable The Shining's carpet to the wide-lens shots and the gruesome acting techniques, this horror made a true impact on the world of cinematography. Even decades later, it… Read More