Hicks’ Hexagon: The Shining Carpet

As seen in: The Shining, The Mitchells vs. the Machines, Sorry for your Loss, Passengers, Minions, Birdman, Toy Story

Designer: David Hicks


Anyone who has seen Kubrick’s The Shining would certainly notice the hexagonal rug, designed by David Hicks. The pop of colors may have contributed to the shock effect of what has happened with the Torrance family staying in the Overlook Hotel.

The Shining carpet design is anything but boring. Showing movement with its colors and shape. A luxury carpet made of 1 ply wool, hand-tufted, custom made, and with an option to buy it in printed nylon. Comes with carpet dimensions of L240 x W170cm.

Can you imagine having your own Hicks’ Hexagon rug laid right in the middle of your living room? A perfect contrast to any white interior. The Shining hexagon carpet is a quintessential conversation piece.