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Contributors, Writers, and Advisors at Elemental Spot bring their expertise and passion to the forefront, shaping the content and direction of our platform with their valuable insights and guidance.

Chris Laverty. An accomplished author with a keen eye for movie fashion and design.

” I love delving into the intricate details of cinematic style to bring stories to life”

Chris Laverty.

Melissa Aragon. Pro Makeup Artist & Writer

“Makeup helps us uncover the various aspects of us and be confident in who we are, unless we have fun pretending to be someone else, like in cosplay

Melissa Aragon.

Marrisa W Fashion Writer Bio
Luis Huber. Fashion Stylist & Writer

“The fashion in films is not just about clothes; it’s a visual language that helps shape the narrative and characters.””

Luis Huber.

Jessica Rae Bio
Jessica Rae. Cinema and Costume Analyst & Editor

“I find inspiration in the fluidity of fashion, the allure of cinema, and the endless possibilities of creative expression”

— Jessica Rae.

Ashley Ross Bio
Ashley Ross. Art & Pop Culture Broadcaster

“I get to dive into the coolest scenes and geek out over the latest trends. It’s like having the best job ever!.”

— Ashley Ross.

Oprah Williams. Professional HairCare Stylist & Writer

“Every strand holds a unique story, and it’s my joy to enhance and celebrate the natural beauty of your hair.”

Oprah Williams.

Adriane King. Fashion Designer & Editor

“As a Freelance Fashion Designer, my job is to help you take that first little spark of an idea and turn it in to a reality”

Adriane King.

Luna Lu Cosplayer

“As a cosplayer, I weave dreams into reality, embodying characters with passion, creativity, and an enchanting touch of my own”

— Luna Lu.

Marissa Wood. Professional Makeup artist, Stylist & Writer

“Makeup is not just about enhancing beauty, but also about revealing the unique artistry that lies within each individual.”

Marissa Wood.

d-Slim Cosplayer

“”Coslay never stops. “


Peter Evans. Fashion Editor. Content Writer

“Through the dance of words, I weave tales that captivate hearts, and spark curiosity,”

— Peter Evans.

Jelena Panic Bio
Jelena Panic. Interior Design Editor

“Interior design is about orchestrating a symphony of elements, from color palettes and textures to furniture and lighting.”

— Jelena Panic.

Margaretha Harvey. Expert Interior Designer & Professional Organizer

“True beauty in interior design lies not just in aesthetics, but in the seamless fusion of comfort, functionality, and personal expression.”

—Margaretha Harvey

video designer, dancer and animator
Martin Gerrard. Video designer, dancer and animator

“I believe in the power of movement and visuals to create immersive experiences that touch the depths of human emotion”

— Martin Gerrard.

Oloson and Baker
Olson and Baker. Designer Furniture Shop

“We only sell licensed original designs so you know you are buying genuine pieces which will last a lifetime”

— olsonbaker.com

Manda Lee Smith Bio
Manda Lee. Fashion Stylist & Advisor

“Style is the evocatively chosen way to express who you are without having to speak.

Manda Lee.

Conde Nast. Fashion and Beauty Writer and Editor
Conde Nast. Fashion & Beauty Content Writer

“Crafting style and beauty through every word.”

— Conde Nast.

Conde Nast. Fashion and Beauty Writer and Editor
Laylah . Editor in Chief

“Fusing the enchantment of cinema with fashion & design, our site captures cinematic flair in every stitch”

— Laylah.

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