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  • Armchair and table from -TheTrumanShowEndingScene

    1990s Gluon Lounge Swivel Chair by Marc Newson

    Futuristic and finely constructed Gluon lounge swivel chair is designed by Marc Newson. A timeless piece of furniture with chromed pedestal base. The seats and the back construction is made of steel and covered with injected foam. Marc Newson is known for his groundbreaking works with his sleek, shiny and dynamic designs. His furniture looks…

  • hal 9000 model

    2001: A Space Odyssey Kit – Moebius Models Hal 9000

    Heuristically programmed Algorithmic (HAL) computer model kit is now available in plastic at 1/1 scale. Produced by Moebius Models, the HAL 9000 model is another treat for 2001: A Space Odyssey fans. Height: 13.75″

  • orange art printA Clockwork Orange Furniture

    A Clockwork Orange Art

    Archiset produced several art prints by Federico Babina showing famous films. His interpretation of A Clockwork Orange is in an orange art print. If you found Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange interesting, then the art print will amuse you further.

  • accidentally wes anderson

    Accidentally Wes Anderson Foreword

    The Accidentally Wes Anderson book, your new travel guide. Wander off to exciting places that could remind you of Wes Anderson movies. Places you have never imagined to be true, a definite page-turner. You would want to discover them for yourself! Your once-in-a-lifetime may be happening soon!

  • herman miller new aeron

    Aeron Chair By Herman Miller

    The Aeron Chair can be seen in different offices and movies or TV series like House. Could it be that the chair is extremely comfortable that a doctor on TV chose one? Well, the new Aeron Chair is available with choices for the frame and base. Save up for one now

  • geometric coffee tablegeometric-coffee-table-2

    Alanda Pyramid Table

    Paolo Pavia was an Italian architect and designer who believed that every object should be beautiful and durable to last a long time. One fine example is his Alanda Coffee Table. The geometric table is both chic and straightforward. Made of a glass top with a black metal wireframe. The design emanates lightness with its…

  • aloebud

    Aloe Bud Wall Sconce

    Jeremy Cole’s Aloe Bud Wall Sconce can be spotted in Fifty Shades Darker and Freed. The Aloe Bud Wall Sconce leaves are originally made of ceramics with options of noir bone china, gold ceramics, or silver ceramics, equipped with retractable lamp gear and stainless steel frame.

  • pendant light concrete

    Aplomb Suspension Lamp

    Self-confidence and poise are what the lamp signifies, just like Harvey Specter in Suits. The choice of pendant lighting for the set design could not only be how it looks but what it is called. One unusual material used is the pendant light concrete shade. Not your typical choice of finish, but it actually works….

  • arco lamp replicaIron Man futuristic interactive home tony stark

    Arco Floor Lamp

    Achille Castiglioni designed the Arco lamp for Flos in 1962. Known for using aluminum and steel, the lamp made use of both materials. The arc is made of stainless steel while the shade is made of spun aluminum with a Carrara marble base. As seen in Diamonds Are Forever and Iron Man, the lamp intrigued…

  • argyle chairThe Addams Family Argyle chairs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

    Argyle Tea Room Chair

    Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a Scottish architect, was commissioned to create furniture for Tea Rooms in Argyle street. Made of black ash wood, the tall back has an oval headrest with a carved swallow or bird on flight depicting the Art Nouveau style combined with Arts and Crafts movement. As seen in Blade Runner and The…

  • atollo lamp

    Atollo 233 Table Lamp, Small

    Vico Magistretti is the Italian furniture designer responsible for this cool table lamp. The Atollo lamp looks formal and classy with the color black. The head shape is similar to that of mushroom’s while the base looks like an upturned pencil. Together, it looks like the top is being perfectly balanced by the base. One…

  • baccarat massenaLost inTranslation Whiskey Scene Set Decor

    Baccarat Massena Crystal Glasses

    Baccarat is well-known for producing fine crystal drinkware and for their signature orgue bevel cut glasses. The Baccarat Massena crystal tumbler, as seen in Lost in Translation, looks extraordinary being held and sipped by Bill Murray as Bob Harris. The light reflects the bevels displaying the superb craftsmanship in the design. Show off and toast…

  • baccarat tumbler harmonybaccarat tumbler- harmony

    Baccarat Tumblers Harmonie Collection

    Delicate and perfectly cut crystal glasses are Baccarat’s trademark. The exquisite design is seen in the Harmonie collection Baccarat tumblers. Engraved vertical lines contribute to the sound it makes which is a quality of an authentic crystal. As seen in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League atop a table conspicuously.

  • Beetle-Scarabaeus-Atlas-Of-Java--Graphic-Art-as-seen-in-The-Gentlementhe-gentlemen-wall-painting-cockroach

    Beetle Scarabaeus atlas of Java graphic art as seen in The Gentlemen

    Guy RitchieÂ’’s latest gangster blockbuster, The Gentlemen, was filmed at The Princess Victoria.

  • bertoia chairsbig little lies kitchen scene

    Bertoia Chairs in Movies and Series

    Harry Bertoia’s designs are appreciated and admired. The use of aluminum wire as a mesh back is easily considered for outdoor use. The Harry Bertoia chairs are the result of ingenuity and hard work. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to own one?

  • mad lilyBjork Lily Candlestick- Mad Men

    Bjork Lily Brass Candleholders

    A professional sculptor, Ivar Alenius Bjork, was also known for designing candleholders for Ystad-Metall. His most known candleholder is the Lily, as seen in Mad Men. Those Mad Lily Candleholders are made of brass that are elegantly curled and removable.