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  • ds600-sofaScarface Furniture  Sofa Lamp

    De Sede DS600 Sofa

    The De Sede DS 600 NON-STOP Sofa was created by several innovative thinkers in 1972, Switzerland. A modular sofa that comprises of multiple parts connected through a plug-in hinge and fabric with zippers. The De Sede sofa is made with different configurations. There could be 22 section seating or just 17 but comes in a…

  • usb star light

    Death Star USB Mood Light: That’s No Moon

    Star Wars fans would instantly have a sleepover once they get a hold of the Death Star mood light. Powered by USB, with push on/off function, made of plastic, and available in several colors, the USB Star light will be a hit to those sci-fi geeks out there. Star Wars Death Star mood light is…

  • deckard's dream

    Deckard’S Dream 8-Voice Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer

    Popularized in the 70s and 80s synthesizers made music more interesting. Featuring Deckard’s Dream Synthesizer as part of Blade Runner’s soundtrack. Labeled as Deckard’s Dream surely enthralls listeners. Deckard’s Dream kit consists of the following: • VCO with sine, square and saw waveforms • PWM with sine wave LFO control • Dual 12dB high pass…

  • props for filmmaking

    Designing Graphic For Filmmaking By Annie Atkins

    Annie Atkins is a well-known graphic designer who worked the props in filmmaking like the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. Graphic design contributes to mostly overlooked items such as the table napkin used during tea time, just sitting in the background. The book will help you realize the intricacies of graphic design in films.

  • dieter rams chair

    Dieter Rams 620 Leather Lounge Chair

    The Dieter Rams chair exudes comfort and a modern appeal. An armchair that commands attention as seen in Rams, directed by Gary Hustwit. The vintage Vitsoe chair is in good condition. The worn leather looks more inviting considering the simple lines. Take a seat, relax, read a book, or watch your favorite show in the…

  • rams furniture

    Dieter Rams Homeware Collection

    Dieter Rams, an industrial designer, created furniture and homeware with his signature style. It shows modern elements yet gives off a nostalgic feel. The Dieter Rams furniture like the 620 armchair instantly looks comfortable. With simple lines and shapes, his work with Vitsoe shows minimalism at its best. As the Director of Design of Braun,…

  • downton-abbey-lampshades-2Downton Abbey Unterior Design and Set Decor

    Downtown Abbey Lampshades Flapper-Style

    These lovely fringed lampshades are seen in Downtown Abbey as an accessory in almost every room in the series. Feminine and dainty that some would consider the Downtown Abbey lampshades to be Victorian. The popularity boomed in the 1920s, fringes can be seen in every piece of furniture and even in women’s “flapper-style” fashion. The…

  • Eileen-Gray-style-side-table

    E 1027 Side Table

    Alien: Covenant features another piece of furniture but the exact opposite of the Throne chair. Minimalist and modern, the Adjustable E 1027 side table created by Eileen Gray fits perfectly in the set. The Eileen Grey side table boasts of its adjustable characteristic. The height can be adjusted from the base with the body in…

  • eames office chairs

    Eames Aluminum Group Chair

    When searching for an office chair, the Eames Aluminum Group chair always comes up. Its mesh back and seat give comfort to the user. Designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1958, the Eames office chairs have become a classic choice, as with most of their inventions. Aptly called the Aluminum Group chairs, with aluminum…

  • shell arm chair

    Eames Dax Plastic Armchair

    Charles and Ray Eames have impressed us with their DAX Plastic Armchair designed in the 1950s. Using their own concept of the shell armchair, it displayed practicality and simplicity. Another reason to invest in a reasonably priced armchair that is fun.

  • eames time life chair replica

    Eames Executive Chair

    Often coined as the Eames Time-Life Chair, the Eames Executive Chair was designed for the executive offices in the Time-Life Building. This chair boasts comfort and efficiency. With its seat adjustment, backward tilt properties, and swivel seat, the lobby chair is rightfully suitable for executives. There have been replicas made to honor this fantastic chair….

  • eames stool

    Eames Walnut Stool

    Something that looks different yet familiar, the Eames Walnut Stool. Made of solid walnut, the stool may remind you of a chess piece with its sculptural element. When looking at the Eames stool you will see that it has the same top and bottom designs that can be used either way. Good for sitting, be…

  • the ball chair in moviesMars Attacks! aarnio eero ball chairs

    Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair The Race To Space

    Coming from an era that is influenced by the race to reach space, futuristic designs were developed. This brought about the Pop Art movement which conveys less serious and more imaginative works of art. Designs were more playful using different materials and colors, showing positivity. The Eero Aarnio Ball chair embodies this style. Although for…

  • arteriors lamp

    Elden Floor Lamp By Arterios

    Arteriors produced the Elden Floor Lamp and it didn’t go unnoticed. As seen in Succession, the lamp is a classic. A good addition to your space. There have been reproductions of the Arteriors lamp with two different colors. Off white body/ivory or black/ebony with heritage brass accents, made of resin and steel and with a…

  • ettore sottsass totem

    Ettore Sottsass Totems

    As seen in Pain and Glory, the colorful Totems by Ettore Sottsass add an interesting feature to the interior. The Ettore Sottsass Totem is available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. It’s fun, big, and geometric that would be a delight to own.

  • arne jacobsen flatware 2001

    Flatware By Arne Jacobsen

    As seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Arne Jacobsen flatware was surely noticeable. The modern shape and streamlined design fit the movie quite well. The eternal modernist, Arne Jacobsen followed the “less is more” concept to heart. This Arne Jacobsen flatware 2001 embodies his style. Made of matt stainless steel, this straightforward design is…