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  • pipistrello lamp

    Gae Aulenti Pipistrello Lamp


  • game of thrones scotch collectiongame of thrones scotch set

    Game Of Thrones Scotch Set

    Limited Edition Game Of Thrones Scotch Collection HBO’s Game of Thrones has dominated the television world for years and fans are still talking about it. Even the wit and shrewdness of Tyrion made him one of the most loved characters in the series. With the limited edition of the Game of Thrones Scotch Set, you…

  • johnnie walker 4 bottle collection

    Game Of Thrones White Walker Whiskey


  • george nelson desk

    George Nelson’S Action Office Desk

    Office desks these days have become modular and quite narrow. It is rather refreshing to find desks that are deep enough with ample drawers and storage. No introduction is needed for the Action Office Desk designed by George Nelson for Herman Miller. The George Nelson desk boasts a depth of 30″ with storage at the…

  • gold-rimmed-with-greek-key-pattern-wine-glasses-as-seen-in-the-gentlemen-guy-richie-3Jeremy Strong in The Gentlemen 2019 - wine glas

    Gold rimmed wine glass with Greek key pattern as seen in the Gentlemen

    GREEK KEY PATTERN GOLD RIM WINE GLASS Feel like a god drinking from the fine Greek Key Patterned wine glasses rimmed in gold, as seen in the film The Gentlemen. Does wine taste better from beautiful glasses? Perhaps they do or perhaps they don’t, but one thing’s for sure, it definitely feels better. The Italian…

  • gubi-gold-lamp-multi-light-by-louis-weisdorf- as-seen-in-the-queen's-gambit-2Media Library ‹ Elemental Spot - Movie Interiors for Your Home — WordPress

    Golden Multi-Lite pendant Gubi – as seein in The Queen’s Gambit






  • beetle chair

    Gubi Beetle Chair

    In the furniture industry, you will find different names, unique, inspired by an object or by nature. The Gubi Beetle chair is a fine example of this. Designed by Enrico Fratesi and Stine Gam for Gubi, they studied the beetle and developed a chair that has thin legs resembling that of a beetle. Available in…

  • Eero_Aarnio_Original_Bubble-Chair_Girl_and_BubbleBubble-Chair-by-Eero-Aarnio-1968-in-Gamer-2009

    Hanging Bubble Chair

    THE BUBBLE CHAIR Eero Aarnio designed the Bubble Chair in 1968 which was inspired by his Ball chair. Using acrylic for the shell lets the light in which has the same concept of a bubble’s transparency. In contrast to the Ball Chair, the Bubble Chair is suspended from the ceiling and does not sit on…

  • heidelberg stein

    Heidelberg Beer Stein Made In Germany

    Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) holding the Heidelberg stein in the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, looks so relaxed in the pool. Let’s face it, the scene made viewers want to grab ahold of the same beer stein. The Heidelberg beer stein is made in Germany, named after the beautiful city of Heidelberg. The…

  • hexagonal-ribons-wallpaper-monochrome-gometric-pattern-david-hickspassengers-set-design--shining-rug-carpet

    Hicks Grand Wallpaper In Shing Carpet Pattern

    An outstanding design usually results in replicas and diversity to show admiration. The Hicks Grand wallpaper or The Shining carpet wallpaper is an illustration of paying homage to the original carpet design. The Shining carpet pattern wallpaper is a vivid and large-scale hexagonal design. It comes in several color combinations that can be used for…

  • the shining carpet pattern wallpaperthe-shining-carpet-wallpaper-2

    Hicks Hexagon Wallpaper- The Shining Pattern

    Anyone who has seen The Shining or Doctor Sleep would recognize the same pattern in the wallpaper produced by Cole & Son. In the movie, Danny can be seen on his tricycle going through the hallway in The Shining zoom background. The hexagon pattern on the carpet was greatly emphasized adding a psychological effect that…

  • the shining hexagon carpetThe Shining 1980 Danny On the Carpet

    Hicks’ Hexagon: The Shining Carpet

    Anyone who has seen Kubrick’s The Shining would certainly notice the hexagonal rug, designed by David Hicks. The pop of colors may have contributed to the shock effect of what has happened with the Torrance family staying in the Overlook Hotel. The Shining carpet design is anything but boring. Showing movement with its colors and…

  • hill house chair

    Hill House Chair

    A modernist genius, Charles Rennie Mackintosh created the Hill House chair for the Hill House near Glasgow. A tall ladderback chair is as geometric as it gets. As seen in American Psycho, the chair was intentionally designed to be tall to add privacy. When seated, you would immediately feel secure. Made of ash wood stained…

  • Howard-Keith-Diplomat-sofaRocketman Set Decoration

    HK Diplomat Sofa from the 1970s

    The HK Diplomat Sofa in a zebra-patterned upholstery was produced by HK Furniture in the 1970s. Made of a metal base and fabric-covered cushions. The Howard Keith sofa instantly looks comfortable with its thick cushions and armrests. One could lounge around, hang out with friends, or just take a nap.

  • Hutch-Mansell’s-Coffee-Mugas-seein-in-in-NobodyNobody Mug

    Hutch Mansell’s Coffee Mug in Nobody

    The Hutch coffee travel mug in Nobody. On the cup, we see the logo of the company Williams Manufacturing . Large capacity: 14 oz (392 ml) Double side print is checked carefully for pattern quality. Quality stainless steel body with insulated handle and non-spill lid. Will fit most vehicle cup holders, the perfect gift ….

  • evedal lampIkea-evedal-Lamp-2

    Ikea Evedal Lamp Designed By Aaron Probyn

    THE EVEDAL TABLE LAMP Designed by the industrial designer Aaron Probyn for IKEA, the Evedal Table Lamp can be spotted in Maps and Legends and The End is the Beginning. The opaque inner shade combined with the colored hand-blown glass outer shade serves two different functions that can be found in one lamp. One of…