The Queens Gambit Beth first time in her room
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A Man In Full Netflix

A Man in Full


3 Body Problem

Maxine Simmons’ First Scene Wardrobe-Palm-Royale-AppleTV-5

Palm Royale


The Fall of the House of Usher

Hacker Eliot Alderson’s Mr Robot Black Hoodie

Mr. Robot

The Sopranos

The White Lotus Season Two’s Vain and Cocky Cameron Sullivan’s Bermuda Shorts

The White Lotus


And Just Like That…

Maje Rista Studded Guipure Dress worn by Carla Rosón Caleruega Ester Expósito seen in Elite S03E01



Outer Banks

Arc Lamp in The Living room of Melissa and Nick’s house in Conversations With Friends. Photo c/o Anna Rackard

Conversations with Friends

mindy-fromemily-in-paris-outfits-looks-sytyle-and-clothes-metalic look

Emily in Paris


Cobra Kai


Sex Education

My Life with the Walter Boys Jackie-Howards-Striking-Patterns-in-her-My-Life-With-the-Walter-Boys-Outfits

My Life with the Walter Boys


Lessons in Chemistry

Gen V

Monkey D Luffy's Outfits in Netflix's One Piece

One Piece