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  • Eames Lounge Chair in moviesThe Ghost Writer Eames Chair EwanMcGregorPierceBrosnanMovie

    The Eames Lounge Chair

    Comfort and modern style, the Eames Lounge Chair is the updated version of the old English club chair. Envisioned by Charles and Ray Eames (American designers) in 1956, the Eames lounge chair and ottoman have become one of the classic favorites. Not only visible in homes and offices, but also in countless movies. The Eames…

  • the shining room key

    The Overlook Hotel Room 237 Keyring

    The Shining room keyring with a red base and the letterings in white is instilled in our minds easily. The room 237 Overlook Hotel keyring is made of plastic or acrylic in red and the letters and numbers are painted white. The Shining keychain replica is available at several stores.

  • carlo bugatti furnitureAlien-Covenant-(2017)-Throne-Chair

    Throne Chair: Carlo Bugatti’s Own Style

    Nowadays, people associate the name Bugatti with the super sports car. Ettore Bugatti was the original designer and founder of the automobile company, Automobiles E. Bugatti. Born from a family of artists, his father is the famous furniture designer and sculptor from the Art Nouveau era, Carlo Bugatti. Carlo Bugatti’s style is the opposite of…

  • blade runner saturn lampTwin-Peaks-Fire-Walk-with-Me-Green-Saturn-Lamp

    Saturn Lamp In Blade Runner

    World’s Fair GREEN Saturn lamp Another famous accessory in the movie Blade Runner is the green glass Saturn lamp. Hard to find, the Saturn lamp falls under the 1930’s Art Deco style. Frosted glass being its primary material makes the Saturn lamp fragile, intended to be sold in the World’s Fair. It was also produced…

  • space odyssey monolith where to buy

    Space Odyssey Monolith Acction Figure

    THE MONOLITH EXPERIENCE One of Stanley Kubrick’s most renowned films is 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). It depicts the future stemming from the evolution of mankind. The Space Odyssey monolith shown in the movie creates a space warp of the human evolution, technology, and alien intelligence for the space explorer. Sci-fi geeks would love 2001:…

  • johnnie walker 4 bottle collection

    Game Of Thrones White Walker Whiskey


  • tony stark whiskey glasses

    Tony Stark’s Art Deco Whiskey Glass Set

    Art Deco Whiskey Glass set as seen in The Avengers In the film Avengers – Age of Ultron, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) can be seen drinking liquor from an Art deco glass. Having a streamlined and elegant design, it sure is an eye-catcher. The zigzag pattern with a thicker bottom prevents the drink from…

  • blade runner 2049 whiskey

    Blade Runner 2049 Official Whiskey

    Blade Runner whisky – Johnnie Walker Black Label Johnnie Walker’s Black Label scotch whiskey is a classic drink. Now let us jump into the future and discover something stronger, with a smokier taste. Featuring, the Johnnie Walker Black Director’s Cut scotch whiskey. Released in 2017, the limited-edition scotch whiskey was specifically made for the movie…

  • superman office chair

    Verte Ergonomic Chair In Batman Vs. Superman

    BATMAN’S DESK CHAIR IN BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN “To the Bat cave!” Batman’s bat cave in Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice is filled with gadgets and accessories using the most advanced technology. Among those is the Verte Ergonomic Chair popularly known as the Batman Chair. The frontal view of the chair looks like any…

  • blade runner whiskey glass replica

    The Blade Runner Shot Glass

    Whisky glasses as seen in Blade Runner – gift boxed set of 2 The Cibi Old Fashioned Glass now known as the Blade Runner Glass was designed by the Italian architect, Cini Boeri, for Arnolfo di Cambio. Arnolfo di Cambio is a well-known Italian glassmaker. The company released the Blade Runner glass set in 1973…

  • retro egg chairmen-in-black-furniture

    The Ovalia Chair: Mib Egg Chair

    Ovalia Egg Chair As seen in Men in Black II When James Darell Edward III / Agent J (Will Smith in Men In Black II) entered the white stark room, he was greeted with big egg-shaped chairs. Those retro egg chairs were designed by Henrik Thor-Larsen and are called the Ovalia chair. Designed in 1968,…

  • the shining hexagon carpetThe Shining 1980 Danny On the Carpet

    Hicks’ Hexagon: The Shining Carpet

    Anyone who has seen Kubrick’s The Shining would certainly notice the hexagonal rug, designed by David Hicks. The pop of colors may have contributed to the shock effect of what has happened with the Torrance family staying in the Overlook Hotel. The Shining carpet design is anything but boring. Showing movement with its colors and…

  • midsommar bear on fire

    Midsommar Bear Picture

    Poor little bear! 1912 Midsommar, a film with horror elements, by Ari Aster, some say uses the bear as a symbolism of Norse and Scandinavian folklore. It is known that a bear is an important figure in folklore. Though for Ari Aster, this is a fairy tale. The Midsommar bear painting is by the Swedish…

  • where can i buy a pixar lampPixar Intro  Luxo Lamp

    The Pixar Lamp: Luxo L-1

    The ‘Pixar’ Luxo lamp Jacob Jacobsen is the genius behind the original architect lamp, Luxo L-1, designer and founder of Luxo. Since its release in 1937, the lamp garnered numerous design awards. The Luxo L-1 lamp, a classic task light due to its minimalist and geometric look that is both modern yet timeless in design;…

  • game of thrones scotch collectiongame of thrones scotch set

    Game Of Thrones Scotch Set

    Limited Edition Game Of Thrones Scotch Collection HBO’s Game of Thrones has dominated the television world for years and fans are still talking about it. Even the wit and shrewdness of Tyrion made him one of the most loved characters in the series. With the limited edition of the Game of Thrones Scotch Set, you…

  • Round Warren Platner Coffee Table 1966 as seen in The Truman ShowArmchair and table from -TheTrumanShowEndingScene

    Platner Side Table by Knoll

    THE PLATNER COFFEE TABLE As seen in The Truman Show, the Platner Side Table is laid at the center of the area that creates a focal point. It emphasizes the beautiful design further. Once the light touches the table, it creates a play with shadows from the wire-like strands. Warner Platner, an American designer created…