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  • Philippe-Starck-Masters-Chair-for-Kartell-Johnny English Strikes Again Philippe Starck Masters Chair Kartell

    Masters Chair By Philippe Starck

    Philippe Starck together with Eugeni Quitllet put on their thinking hats and came up with the Masters Chair. The Masters chair is a fusion of Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7, Eero Saarinen’s Tulip chair, and Charles Eames’ Eiffel Chair. The Philippe Starck chair is practical yet distinct and can be used indoors or outdoors. It has…

  • mackintosh-willow-chair

    Willow Chair In Inception

    The Willow Chair as seen in Inception is situated inside a Japanese house. Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed it in 1903 for the Willow Tea Room in Scotland. The design of the Mackintosh Willow Chair composes of a high semi-circular backrest and geometric features with a cushioned seat. The high backrest is made of solid ash…

  • Eileen-Gray-style-side-table

    E 1027 Side Table

    Alien: Covenant features another piece of furniture but the exact opposite of the Throne chair. Minimalist and modern, the Adjustable E 1027 side table created by Eileen Gray fits perfectly in the set. The Eileen Grey side table boasts of its adjustable characteristic. The height can be adjusted from the base with the body in…

  • panda-painting-from-50-shades-of-greyFifty Shades of Grey Panda Painting

    The Panda Painting

    Fifty Shades of Grey did not scare away from critics for the way it was directed and interpreted. Mr. Grey gave the ladies some romantic excitement. Then there was this Panda painting hung on the wall of Grey’s office. Very intriguing indeed. The Panda painting from Fifty Shades of Grey looks modern in black and…

  • ds600-sofaScarface Furniture  Sofa Lamp

    De Sede DS600 Sofa

    The De Sede DS 600 NON-STOP Sofa was created by several innovative thinkers in 1972, Switzerland. A modular sofa that comprises of multiple parts connected through a plug-in hinge and fabric with zippers. The De Sede sofa is made with different configurations. There could be 22 section seating or just 17 but comes in a…

  • The Royal Tenenbaums Zebra WallpapThe Royal Tenenbaums Zebra Wallpaper

    The Royal Tenenbaums Zebra Wallpaper

    Zebras symbolize freedom and individualism. Scalamandre made use of them in his wallpaper design, Zebras, in the 1940s. Drawn in pairs with arrows, this design became popular right away. As seen in The Royal Tenenbaums film, the room became more alive. A quirky movie yet depicting the effects of depression, this Royal Tenenbaums wallpaper could…

  • hexagonal-ribons-wallpaper-monochrome-gometric-pattern-david-hickspassengers-set-design--shining-rug-carpet

    Hicks Grand Wallpaper In Shing Carpet Pattern

    An outstanding design usually results in replicas and diversity to show admiration. The Hicks Grand wallpaper or The Shining carpet wallpaper is an illustration of paying homage to the original carpet design. The Shining carpet pattern wallpaper is a vivid and large-scale hexagonal design. It comes in several color combinations that can be used for…

  • the ball chair in moviesMars Attacks! aarnio eero ball chairs

    Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair The Race To Space

    Coming from an era that is influenced by the race to reach space, futuristic designs were developed. This brought about the Pop Art movement which conveys less serious and more imaginative works of art. Designs were more playful using different materials and colors, showing positivity. The Eero Aarnio Ball chair embodies this style. Although for…

  • Eames Lounge Chair in moviesThe Ghost Writer Eames Chair EwanMcGregorPierceBrosnanMovie

    The Eames Lounge Chair

    Comfort and modern style, the Eames Lounge Chair is the updated version of the old English club chair. Envisioned by Charles and Ray Eames (American designers) in 1956, the Eames lounge chair and ottoman have become one of the classic favorites. Not only visible in homes and offices, but also in countless movies. The Eames…

  • the shining room key

    The Overlook Hotel Room 237 Keyring

    The Shining room keyring with a red base and the letterings in white is instilled in our minds easily. The room 237 Overlook Hotel keyring is made of plastic or acrylic in red and the letters and numbers are painted white. The Shining keychain replica is available at several stores.

  • carlo bugatti furnitureAlien-Covenant-(2017)-Throne-Chair

    Throne Chair: Carlo Bugatti’s Own Style

    Nowadays, people associate the name Bugatti with the super sports car. Ettore Bugatti was the original designer and founder of the automobile company, Automobiles E. Bugatti. Born from a family of artists, his father is the famous furniture designer and sculptor from the Art Nouveau era, Carlo Bugatti. Carlo Bugatti’s style is the opposite of…

  • blade runner saturn lampTwin-Peaks-Fire-Walk-with-Me-Green-Saturn-Lamp

    Saturn Lamp In Blade Runner

    World’s Fair GREEN Saturn lamp Another famous accessory in the movie Blade Runner is the green glass Saturn lamp. Hard to find, the Saturn lamp falls under the 1930’s Art Deco style. Frosted glass being its primary material makes the Saturn lamp fragile, intended to be sold in the World’s Fair. It was also produced…

  • space odyssey monolith where to buy

    Space Odyssey Monolith Acction Figure

    THE MONOLITH EXPERIENCE One of Stanley Kubrick’s most renowned films is 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). It depicts the future stemming from the evolution of mankind. The Space Odyssey monolith shown in the movie creates a space warp of the human evolution, technology, and alien intelligence for the space explorer. Sci-fi geeks would love 2001:…

  • johnnie walker 4 bottle collection

    Game Of Thrones White Walker Whiskey


  • tony stark whiskey glasses

    Tony Stark’s Art Deco Whiskey Glass Set

    Art Deco Whiskey Glass set as seen in The Avengers In the film Avengers – Age of Ultron, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) can be seen drinking liquor from an Art deco glass. Having a streamlined and elegant design, it sure is an eye-catcher. The zigzag pattern with a thicker bottom prevents the drink from…

  • blade runner 2049 whiskey

    Blade Runner 2049 Official Whiskey

    Blade Runner whisky – Johnnie Walker Black Label Johnnie Walker’s Black Label scotch whiskey is a classic drink. Now let us jump into the future and discover something stronger, with a smokier taste. Featuring, the Johnnie Walker Black Director’s Cut scotch whiskey. Released in 2017, the limited-edition scotch whiskey was specifically made for the movie…