Smokeless BBQ Table Seen In The Gentlemen

As seen in: The Gentlemen

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The star-studded cast, the accents, the locations, and that beautiful outdoor grill, all are present in the Guy Ritchie movie, The Gentlemen.
The particular outdoor grill owned by Raymond Smith (Charlie Hunnam) is actually the “Wild Table” by Cashmere Caveman Co. For someone who is obsessive with outdoor grills, the “Wild Table” would be a dream come true.
One can choose the Cashmere Caveman 12. Simply put, it can seat up to 12 people. It has two fireboxes to accommodate your guest of 12. Woolen throws, cookware, and even benches are some of the accessories that make it a complete package.

Of course, there are options or configurations that one can choose from, fully customizable. Would you rather have a bench with cushions and a tabletop made of copper? No problem! Perhaps you prefer having a bench with a throw that fits perfectly, so easy.

Start your day right by sipping coffee and grilling some sausages with your new smokeless barbeque table! Not everyone could say and experience this kind of luxury and fun. Just take Guy Ritchie’s word for it.