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  • Armchair and table from -TheTrumanShowEndingScene

    1990s Gluon Lounge Swivel Chair by Marc Newson

    Futuristic and finely constructed Gluon lounge swivel chair is designed by Marc Newson. A timeless piece of furniture with chromed pedestal base. The seats and the back construction is made of steel and covered with injected foam. Marc Newson is known for his groundbreaking works with his sleek, shiny and dynamic designs. His furniture looks…

  • herman miller new aeron

    Aeron Chair By Herman Miller

    The Aeron Chair can be seen in different offices and movies or TV series like House. Could it be that the chair is extremely comfortable that a doctor on TV chose one? Well, the new Aeron Chair is available with choices for the frame and base. Save up for one now

  • geometric coffee tablegeometric-coffee-table-2

    Alanda Pyramid Table

    Paolo Pavia was an Italian architect and designer who believed that every object should be beautiful and durable to last a long time. One fine example is his Alanda Coffee Table. The geometric table is both chic and straightforward. Made of a glass top with a black metal wireframe. The design emanates lightness with its…

  • argyle chairThe Addams Family Argyle chairs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

    Argyle Tea Room Chair

    Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a Scottish architect, was commissioned to create furniture for Tea Rooms in Argyle street. Made of black ash wood, the tall back has an oval headrest with a carved swallow or bird on flight depicting the Art Nouveau style combined with Arts and Crafts movement. As seen in Blade Runner and The…

  • bertoia chairsbig little lies kitchen scene

    Bertoia Chairs in Movies and Series

    Harry Bertoia’s designs are appreciated and admired. The use of aluminum wire as a mesh back is easily considered for outdoor use. The Harry Bertoia chairs are the result of ingenuity and hard work. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to own one?

  • joe colombo trolley

    Boby Trolley By Joe Colombo

    Ubiquitous in the background of art studios and movies, the Joe Colombo Boby trolley is multi-functional for every user’s needs. The Joe Colombo trolley storage cart with shelves and drawers is suitable for your home and office.

  • bugatti chair

    Carlo Bugatti Walnut Side Chair

    One can never doubt the creativity and authenticity of Carlo Bugatti’s designs. His creations were all carefully thought out with intricate embellishments. The Carlo Bugatti chair made of Walnut is one of those designs that are limited and hard to find. Inclusive of his trademark embossed copper and pewter inlay with tassels. The original was…

  • caveman grillthe-gentlemen-bbq-where-to-buy

    Cashmere Caveman Outdoor Grill Table: The Wildtable

    Who is ready to elevate their outdoor grill experience? Take a look at Guy Ritchie’s choice of caveman grill, as seen in The Gentlemen, owned by Ray. Customize your own WildTable from Cashmere Caveman and see how you would enjoy and boast of its features.

  • black shell chair

    Ch07 Shell Lounge Chair – All Black Edition By Hans Wegner

    Hans Wegner designed the CH07 Shell Lounge chair for Carl Hansen & Son. The black shell chair does not look like your ordinary chair. As seen in The Incredibles, the chair’s shape is easily recognized. The front view looks like a hat sitting on top of a letter M with its three arched legs. The…

  • replica-wishbone-chairjesica jones interiors

    Ch24 Wishbone Chair By Wegner

    The Wishbone chair created in 1949, might be Hans Wegner’s most recognized design. 120 meters of paper cord, 100 steps and three weeks of production: is how the legendary Wishbone Chair is created. The classic chair was designed in 1949, today is a masterpiece of designer Hans J. Wegner and is considered a prime example…

  • thonet chair replicaPoltergeist-Thonet-chairs

    Chair No. 14 By Michael Thonet

    The Michael Thonet Chair No. 14, an innovation of perfected bentwood furniture. Who would not recognize this chair that you see in cafés and bistros? As seen in La La Land and Cabaret, Michael Thonet’s inventiveness became a hit instantly. German descent, Michael Thonet was a skilled craftsman and designer. His perseverance resulted in being…

  • chair chewbacca

    Chewie Rocking Stool By Kenneth Cobonpue

    Wait a minute, this is another playful addition to the Star Wars furniture series of Kenneth Cobonpue. A chair Chewbacca would approve of. Made of brown microfiber strips, urethane foam, leather, stainless steel legs, and plywood. Rock on your stool now.

  • boss design office chairThe Midnight Sky Interior Design Coza office chair Boss Design

    Coza Chair


  • ds600-sofaScarface Furniture  Sofa Lamp

    De Sede DS600 Sofa

    The De Sede DS 600 NON-STOP Sofa was created by several innovative thinkers in 1972, Switzerland. A modular sofa that comprises of multiple parts connected through a plug-in hinge and fabric with zippers. The De Sede sofa is made with different configurations. There could be 22 section seating or just 17 but comes in a…

  • props for filmmaking

    Designing Graphic For Filmmaking By Annie Atkins

    Annie Atkins is a well-known graphic designer who worked the props in filmmaking like the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. Graphic design contributes to mostly overlooked items such as the table napkin used during tea time, just sitting in the background. The book will help you realize the intricacies of graphic design in films.

  • dieter rams chair

    Dieter Rams 620 Leather Lounge Chair

    The Dieter Rams chair exudes comfort and a modern appeal. An armchair that commands attention as seen in Rams, directed by Gary Hustwit. The vintage Vitsoe chair is in good condition. The worn leather looks more inviting considering the simple lines. Take a seat, relax, read a book, or watch your favorite show in the…