Marc Newson Wooden Chair

As seen in: Passengers

Designer: Marc Newson

The Wood Chair by Marc Newson, ass seen in: Passengers

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Innovation at its best, the Wooden Chair by the Australian industrial designer Marc Newson, has challenged the flexibility of wood. Is it a chair or a work of art meant to be displayed? It can be both!
Made of solid wood, the collection of slats, make it sturdy. The appearance of the chair at an isometric view may look like a ribbon or a fish with multiple layers.
If this is an example of the Marc Newson furniture, then undoubtedly, people will be filled with anticipation to his next creation. Would it be in wood or will he use a different material and test its limits once again?
Start with his most famous work and feel how comfortable it is even without cushions.
There are two finishes available for the chair: beech and pine or ash pine.


Width 872cm
Depth 103cm
Height 163cm