Hicks Hexagon Wallpaper- The Shining Pattern

As seen in: The Shining, Ready Player One, Doctor Sleep, BoJack Horseman, Minions, Toy Story, Birdman, Sorry for your Loss, Passengers, The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Designer: David Hicks


Anyone who has seen The Shining or Doctor Sleep would recognize the same pattern in the wallpaper produced by Cole & Son.

In the movie, Danny can be seen on his tricycle going through the hallway in The Shining zoom background. The hexagon pattern on the carpet was greatly emphasized adding a psychological effect that makes it more thrilling and horrific.

The David Hicks Hexagon carpet gave birth to another captivating decorative element, the Hicks Hexagon wallpaper. It comes in different colors but for this particular wallpaper, it’s in blue, grey, and gold hexagons with metallic highlights.

In contrast to the hair-raising experience from The Shining and the bold colors of the carpet, the Hicks Hexagon wallpaper gives off a more relaxed feeling. The colors are more subdued yet inviting. You would want to have it pasted to your walls.

Per roll is 10 meters long and 52cm wide with 0.6m repeat.