1990s Gluon Lounge Swivel Chair by Marc Newson in Red

As seen in: Prometheus, The Truman Show

Designer: Marc Newson


Futuristic and finely constructed Gluon lounge swivel chair is designed by Marc Newson. A timeless piece of furniture with chromed pedestal base. The seats and the back construction is made of steel and covered with injected foam.

Marc Newson is known for his groundbreaking works with his sleek, shiny and dynamic designs. His furniture looks always futuristic for a good reason- because they embody the concepts of speed, luxury and progress. His work-whether this armchair featured in The Truman Show and Prometheus, his now-iconic Event Horizon table, an Italian speedboat, Nike shoes, or an Ikepod wristwatch – embodies a jet-set lifestyle redefined for the 21st century.

Marc Newson is from Sydney, but lived in Tokyo for several years and currently resides in London. Newson has designed everything from furniture and jewellery to sneakers and dish racks. Given his globe-trotting lifestyle, it’s easy to understand