The Futuristic Elda Chair

As seen in: Space-1999, The Spy Who Loved Me, The Incredibles, The Hunger Games

Designer: Joe Colombo


The Elda chair was designed by Cesare Joe Colombo in 1965 and was said to be named after his wife, Elda. He took inspiration from visiting a shipyard making fiberglass hulls for boats.
The Elda chair has a body formed from fiberglass and the seat and backrest from cushioned leather. The cushions are made to be detachable and can be attached through hooks. An added feature is that its base swivels or revolves. This chair is so comfortable that you would want to sleep in it.
Because of its looks, the Elda chair became famous and well used in futuristic movies. Seen in Hybernatus (1969), The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), and The Hunger Games (2012).
The Joe Colombo chair base comes in different shades and may also match the color of the cushion. There are several colors for the cushion be it leather or fabric.