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  • hunger games train chairs navy velvetTHE CAPITOL CHAIRS IN HUNGER GAMES

    The Capitol Chairs In Hunger Games

    The Hunger Games train chairs were carefully selected to blend with the whole interior of the Capitol train. Soft cobalt blue velvet upholstery with a wood frame plus, it swivels! Have the ride of your life inside the Capitol train sitting in the comforts of the Hunger Games Capitol chair. The originall chairs are not…

  • joe-colombo-chairelda-chair-joe-colombo-space-1999-moonbase

    The Futuristic Elda Chair

    The Elda chair was designed by Cesare Joe Colombo in 1965 and was said to be named after his wife, Elda. He took inspiration from visiting a shipyard making fiberglass hulls for boats. The Elda chair has a body formed from fiberglass and the seat and backrest from cushioned leather. The cushions are made to…

  • ds600-sofaScarface Furniture  Sofa Lamp

    De Sede DS600 Sofa

    The De Sede DS 600 NON-STOP Sofa was created by several innovative thinkers in 1972, Switzerland. A modular sofa that comprises of multiple parts connected through a plug-in hinge and fabric with zippers. The De Sede sofa is made with different configurations. There could be 22 section seating or just 17 but comes in a…