Nelson Ball Bubble Lamp

As seen in: Torch Song

Designer: George Nelson

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George Nelson, one of America’s pride, is a lot of things, author, designer, architect, teacher, to name a few. He has created and influenced artists to make use of practical and ingenious materials in designs.
Enter the Ball Bubble pendant light. Seen in the musical drama Torch Song, it creates an atmosphere of lightness like floating on air. It could somehow bring you to the orient with a blend of Asian style and American innovation.
The George Nelson Bubble lamp was created with different shapes. Some like a spherical ball shape, others like that of a flying saucer. Each lamp has its own wire structure to hold its shape. The body is made of a “self-webbing plastic” that he discovered and made good use of, showing a transparent and opaque effect like glow.

One may find the Nelson saucer Bubble pendant knock-off suitable to their budget. It goes for more than half the price of the original.