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  • william morris fruit wallpaperTolkien Fruit wallpaper by William Morris

    Fruit Wallpaper In Wine & Manilla

    You will know it’s a William Morris design from the style of how the fruits were depicted in the wallpaper. The detail from the fruits and leaves to the stems with thorns are all emphasized. Another version of the William Morris Fruit wallpaper comes in wine & manilla color combination. As seen in Phantom Thread…

  • arco lamp replicaIron Man futuristic interactive home tony stark

    Arco Floor Lamp

    The Arco lamp’s appearance in popular films such as Diamonds Are Forever and Iron Man quickly captured the attention of viewers. Its unique shape and size allow it to seamlessly blend with other furniture without being overpowered. However, with the popularity of this iconic lamp came the creation of replicas. These replicas are made with…

  • mad men whiskey glassesDorothy Thorpe Mad Men whisky glasses-Don-Draper-Trying-to-Quit-Drinking

    Roly-Poly Whiskey Glasses – Mad Men

    A lot of women would agree that Don Draper (John Hamm) of Mad Men is sexy. What’s even sexier is him holding and drinking from one of the Roly-Poly whiskey glasses by Dorothy Thorpe, his signature look. The American artist, Dorothy Thorpe, is known for creating exceptional glassware and ceramic designs. Her Roly-poly glass design…

  • chicago lampchicago-lamp-3

    Chicago Tripod Floor Lamp Copper And Gold

    The Chicago lamp brings you back to “Old Hollywood”. As seen in Luke Cage, the warm glow from the inner part of the shade in copper captured the viewer’s attention. The Chicago lamp has a matt black shade and tripod base that accentuates the copper more. Somewhat looks like a gong from the front, even…

  • cesca chair replicaSomeone Great Appartment Chairs

    Marcel Bruer Cesca Cane Chair (Armless)

    Marcel Bruer is a modernist architect and designer. His fascination for new technology and native materials led to the creation of the Cesca chair, seen in Someone Great. The use of cane rattan for the seat and beech wood for the frame, mixed with tubular steel gained recognition globally. The seat is made by hand,…

  • olivetti valentine typewriter

    Valentine Portable Typewriter

    The striking red Valentine typewriter seen in A Clockwork Orange was designed by Ettore Sottsass and Perry A. King and manufactured by Olivetti. It could be that the color red symbolizes love. Perhaps why the Olivetti Valentine typewriter was in the same color.

  • navy chairI, Robot - Navy Chair by Emeco

    The Navy Chair Emeco

    Categorically named after the Navy, the Navy chair was meant to be used in submarines. The clean lines of the chair fit perfectly. When you see the Navy chair in movies like The Dark Knight or I, Robot, it is always in an interrogation room. Embodies the essence of the Navy chair.

  • the shining carpet pattern wallpaperthe-shining-carpet-wallpaper-2

    Hicks Hexagon Wallpaper- The Shining Pattern

    Anyone who has seen The Shining or Doctor Sleep would recognize the same pattern in the wallpaper produced by Cole & Son. In the movie, Danny can be seen on his tricycle going through the hallway in The Shining zoom background. The hexagon pattern on the carpet was greatly emphasized adding a psychological effect that…

  • barcelona chair brownCasino Royale Barcelona

    Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona Chair

    The Barcelona Chair is from the brilliant minds of Mies van der Rohe and Lily Reich. Seen in Tron: Legacy, Batman VS. Superman, American Psycho, to name a few. The original Barcelona chair brown in a distressed condition from 1stDIBS can be rebuilt with the classic button stitching upon request.

  • joe colombo trolley

    Boby Trolley By Joe Colombo

    Ubiquitous in the background of art studios and movies, the Joe Colombo Boby trolley is multi-functional for every user’s needs. The Joe Colombo trolley storage cart with shelves and drawers is suitable for your home and office.

  • 50 shades of grey wine glasses

    Chateau Baccarat White Wine Glass

    Tulip-shaped wine glasses made of real crystal by Baccarat get a nod from sommeliers. The wide opening and the tapered lip make for the perfect wine tasting experience. Baccarat is known to produce high-quality and exquisite glasses. Beauty and innovation motivate Baccarat’s designers to create such wonderful designs. The Chateau Baccarat is classy and refined…

  • geometric coffee tablegeometric-coffee-table-2

    Alanda Pyramid Table

    Paolo Pavia was an Italian architect and designer who believed that every object should be beautiful and durable to last a long time. One fine example is his Alanda Coffee Table. The geometric table is both chic and straightforward. Made of a glass top with a black metal wireframe. The design emanates lightness with its…

  • the art and soul of blade runner 2049

    The Art And Soul Of Blade Runner 2049

    A compilation of the Blade Runner 2049 The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049 is one highly coveted visual art book. Showing behind-the-scenes photographs telling the story of the film from start to finish with insights from the actors themselves.

  • pig lamp from amelieThe-Pig-Lamp-Amlie2001

    Pig Table Lamp As Seen In Amelie

    Who could forget the Pig lamp on Amelie’s bedside table? In a film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Amelie depicts the simplicity of life and the innocence of a young lady. Height at 53cm x depth of 26cm, the Pig lamp is short and stout just like its pig on its base wearing a bathrobe.

  • pretzel chairToy Story 2 Cherner armchair

    The Norman Cherner Chair

    The elegant, sleek lines of the Cherner Chair are a testament to Cherner’s commitment to functional design, and its one-piece bent plywood armrest and seat are supported by a two-piece lamination of beech wood. This iconic piece of furniture can be seen in popular productions such as Toy Story 2 and Gossip Girl showcasing its…

  • I'm-Thinking-of-Ending-Things-wallpapersI'm Thinking of Ending Things Compton wallpaper by William Morris

    Wallpaper As Seen In I’m Thinking Of Ending Things

    The film I’m Thinking of Ending Things is as psychological as it gets. One’s negative feelings of despair, anxiety, and hopelessness that usually end in death are artistically depicted in the movie. Contrasting to the story is the wallpaper at Jake’s parents’ house. The Compton wallpaper shows tulips and poppies together in a pattern that…