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  • mad men whiskey glassesDorothy Thorpe Mad Men whisky glasses-Don-Draper-Trying-to-Quit-Drinking

    Roly-Poly Whiskey Glasses – Mad Men

    A lot of women would agree that Don Draper (John Hamm) of Mad Men is sexy. What’s even sexier is him holding and drinking from one of the Roly-Poly whiskey glasses by Dorothy Thorpe, his signature look. The American artist, Dorothy Thorpe, is known for creating exceptional glassware and ceramic designs. Her Roly-poly glass design…

  • room 237 rugoverlook hotel rug

    Room 237 Overlook Hotel Rug

    Striking colors and peacock feather-like design of the Room 237 Overlook Hotel rug has given everyone quite a surprise. If you haven’t felt it, you won’t believe it. Experience the shock felt from the movie The Shining and get your Room 237 rug now!

  • room to dream

    Room To Dream (Book)


  • Round Glass Dining Table Giotto Stoppino

    The Italian designer Giotto Stoppino created the vintage glass tables with chromebasese and legs in 1970. The round dining table with a smoked glass top has been a classic, especially during the 70s and 80s, seen in most homes.

  • Judy's-Hot-Cocoa-Reindeer-Mug-Santa-Clause-Mug

    Santa Claus Mug – Judy’s Hot Cocoa Reindeer Mug

    Judy’s Hot Cocoa Reindeer Mug is a major prop in this ever-so-lovely scene. Judy the elf makes Santa a cup of hot chocolate with her favorite technique – not too hot, extra chocolate, shaken, not stirred! This mug is hard to find, from time to time there are replicas on sale at Etsy, follow the…

  • blade runner saturn lampTwin-Peaks-Fire-Walk-with-Me-Green-Saturn-Lamp

    Saturn Lamp In Blade Runner

    World’s Fair GREEN Saturn lamp Another famous accessory in the movie Blade Runner is the green glass Saturn lamp. Hard to find, the Saturn lamp falls under the 1930’s Art Deco style. Frosted glass being its primary material makes the Saturn lamp fragile, intended to be sold in the World’s Fair. It was also produced…

  • wallpaper sherlock holmesSherlock Holmes Wallpapers dark green sofa

    Sherlock Holmes Wallpaper Pattern

    Zoffany Naverre Wallpaper In Sherlock The Zoffany Navarre fleur-de-lys wallpaper as seen in the BBC series Sherlock Holmes is in a chocolate print. Its pattern, color, and design bring us back to 221B Baker Street where the wallpaper Sherlock Holmes has on his wall. The original Zoffany wallpaper is no longer available but newer versions…

  • blofeld chair

    Sixty-Two G Plan Armchair

    Made more recognizable by the film You Only Live Twice, the Sixty-Two Blofeld chair is masculine. The backrest in an inverted trapezoidal shape, with thick armrests, and tufted upholstery create a dominant feel. Sit on one and you will know.

  • smokeless bbq table the gentlementhe-gentlemen-bbq-where-to-buy

    Smokeless BBQ Table Seen In The Gentlemen

    The star-studded cast, the accents, the locations, and that beautiful outdoor grill, all are present in the Guy Ritchie movie, The Gentlemen. The particular outdoor grill owned by Raymond Smith (Charlie Hunnam) is actually the “Wild Table” by Cashmere Caveman Co. For someone who is obsessive with outdoor grills, the “Wild Table” would be a…

  • eames-soft-pad-chairsuits interior design

    Soft Pad Executive Chair By Eames

    Eames Soft Pad Chair, an evolution of the office chair. Starting from outdoor use, it slowly evolved into one of the finest made executive chairs. As always, combining function with comfort and ease of use. Another masterwork from Charles and Ray Eames. Made of an aluminum base and side ribs that are lightweight, with leather…

  • Someone-Great-Toilet-Mug

    Someone Great Toilet Mug

    Erin drinks from her iconic Someone Great toilet mug and talks about her new girlfriend. Pretty cool, right? Microwave Safe Dishwasher Safe Made of sturdy ceramic Fool your guests Holds up to 12 ounces. Toilet Dimensions: 4.75″ x 5.5″ x 6″ Interesting toilet mug with a peculiar shape, adding a bit of fun to ordinary…

  • octopus print

    Spa Octopus In Fifty Shades Darker

    Created by Jennifer Goldberger, an American artist, the Octopus painting was seen in the movie, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, in Ana’s office. Her works of art evoke a delicate feminine vibe. A depiction of the octopus in a glowing turquoise that looks like it’s floating and made it less intimidating. The Octopus…

  • space odyssey monolith where to buy

    Space Odyssey Monolith Acction Figure

    THE MONOLITH EXPERIENCE One of Stanley Kubrick’s most renowned films is 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). It depicts the future stemming from the evolution of mankind. The Space Odyssey monolith shown in the movie creates a space warp of the human evolution, technology, and alien intelligence for the space explorer. Sci-fi geeks would love 2001:…

  • the mug captain kirk used in star trekstar-trek-beyond-kirk-mug

    Star Trek Beyond Mug

    The mug Captain Kirk used in Star Trek Beyond. Ideal for your relaxing coffee, tea or afternoon. Holds 12 ounces of your favourite drink. Large handle for easy and comfortable grip. Dishwasher and microwave safe Printed with non-toxic sublimation ink. Listing is for 1 cup only. Image shows front and back of mug in the…

  • star wars tie fighter chair

    Star Wars Imperial Tie Fighter Lounge Chair

    The name says it all. If you’re looking for furniture to match your Star Wars collection, then your search is over. The Star Wars Imperial Tie Fighter Lounge Chair by the Filipino designer, Kenneth Cobonpue, has arrived. The Star Wars Tie Fighter Chair is made of aluminum and hand-woven polyethylene. Kenneth Cobonpue translated the Tie…

  • jedi lighting

    Star Wars Little Jedi Suspension Lamp