Lc3/Lc2 Arm Chair By Le Corbusier (Replica)

As seen in: Sherlock, The Big Lebowski, Click

Designer: Le Corbusier

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The LC3 chair as seen in The Big Lebowski, Sherlock, Click etc., looks comfortable as it is stylish.

Often seen in office reception areas, this chair evokes a formal feel, but once you sit on it, you wouldn’t want to stand up.
Both the vintage LC3 and LC2 chairs may be available as replicas (follow the amazon link) or as used (follow the 1stdibs link). Made of leather upholstery, steel frame, and chrome details, the vintage chairs have signs of wear and tear but are still in good condition. There are not many good replicas on the market. However, we have found a replica offer of Le Corbusier chairs and sofas, available in three colors