Platner Side Table by Knoll

As seen in: The Truman Show

Designer: Warren Platner



As seen in The Truman Show, the Platner Side Table is laid at the center of the area that creates a focal point. It emphasizes the beautiful design further. Once the light touches the table, it creates a play with shadows from the wire-like strands.

Warner Platner, an American designer created the elegant and mid-century table in line with his style. Manufactured by Knoll, the table is part of a collection that includes cushioned chairs with the same graceful qualities.

The polished aluminium is attached like wires laid equidistantly to form the base with a tabletop made of thick glass. New options for the tabletop and base are available with the original design.

A Platner table replica is made accessible online. Using the same design concept would make it hard to distinguish the original from the replica. The tabletop is made of thick tempered glass with a stainless steel wire frame.

If you are open to buying a modern and stylish piece of furniture, whether as an accent or the main attraction, the Platner Coffee Table will be a wise choice. To be able to purchase the luxurious designer table would be impressive. The exquisitely done replica is a great alternative for those on a budget.