Verte Ergonomic Chair In Batman Vs. Superman

As seen in: Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice

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“To the Bat cave!” Batman’s bat cave in Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice is filled with gadgets and accessories using the most advanced technology. Among those is the Verte Ergonomic Chair popularly known as the Batman Chair.
The frontal view of the chair looks like any ordinary executive office chair, but the back view is quite a surprise, looking like the spine of an alien. The ‘spine’ is actually an 11-torsion spring-loaded vertebrae design that can be adjusted according to the comfort level of your back.
The back and seat are made of full-grain leather with a 4” thick dual-density seat foam that can easily support up to 300 lbs. of load.

Here are the other features of the Batman office chair:
– Back angle and back height adjustment
– Seat adjustment
– Adjustable headrest
– Vertebrae in aluminum, painted silver
– Dimensions: Back width 52.07cm x Seat width 54.61cm x Seat depth 52.07cm;

Back height 59.69cm (excluding headrest; Headrest can be adjusted up to 25.4cm in height)
A true ergonomically designed chair, it is also considered the Batman gaming chair. The whole chair is fully adjustable from the back to the seat, the armrests, the headrest, and the base. No problem sitting comfortably for a prolonged period.