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  • star wars usb charger

    Star Wars Usb Wall Charger R2-D2

    Everyone knows R2-D2 from Star Wars, the three-legged droid is a fan favorite. So much so that they created a USB charger based on the character. The Star Wars USB charger sold in retail looks like a battery. So apt since it actually charges your phone inclusive of two USB plugs. Measuring at 3 ½…

  • star wars end table

    Star Wars-Inspired Imperial Tie Fighter Wings End Table

    To be chosen as the designer of the Star Wars furniture collection was an honor for Kenneth Cobonpue. His designs that mainly use natural fibers made him well-known that even movie stars have owned them. The Imperial Tie Fighter Wings end table is made of aluminum and fiberglass-reinforced polymer with choices of black or white….

  • dal lighting

    Symfoni Pendant Lamp


  • dieter-rams-10-principles-poster

    Ten Principles Of A Good Design (Poster)

    Dieter Rams is an industrial designer and he came up with the Ten Principles of Good Design. A method or process to developing a good design that has become a standard for other designers, especially in the 80s. The Dieter Rams poster can be bought in different sizes. The Dieter Rams Ten Principles poster is…

  • steen ostergaardThe Spy Who Loved Me chairs

    The 291 Armchair By Steen Ostergaard

    Steen Ostergaard designed the A-line 291 armchair for Cado. As seen in The Spy Who Loved Me, it’s futuristic and organic at the same time. The back view looks like a laughing open-mouthed face. Made of injection moulded fiberglass reinforced Polyamide with cushioned seating.

  • herman miller aeron chair knock off

    The Aeron Chair

    Watching the series House, one would wonder why he is so fond of sitting behind his desk reading or just playing with a ball. His chair must be comfortable. Comfort and technology, that is Aeron chair. Designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, the chair makes use of environmentally friendly materials with the latest technology….

  • a clockwork orange book

    The Anthony Burgess Book: A Clockwork Orange

    Exclusive details from the original notes of A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. The strange but very interesting movie would give you the creeps. Now one can further dig into the mind of the novelist on how the story was developed. A Clockwork Orange book can explain or add to your confusion, best to get…

  • the art and soul of blade runner 2049

    The Art And Soul Of Blade Runner 2049

    A compilation of the Blade Runner 2049 The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049 is one highly coveted visual art book. Showing behind-the-scenes photographs telling the story of the film from start to finish with insights from the actors themselves.

  • the art of the hollywood backdrop

    The Art Of The Hollywood Backdrop: A Compilation

    By Karen L. Maness, Richard M. Isackes Regan Arts Karen Maness and Richard Isackes collaborated with Art Directors Guild to present the story behind painted backdrops in Hollywood. Look into the wonder of painted backdrops in movies like the Wizard of Oz and Sound of Music brought to life in cinemas.

  • incredibles book

    The Art Of The Incredibles: Behind The Scenes

    A superhero film by Pixar Animation, The Incredibles made an impression on children and adults. With the Art of The Incredibles, one may see graphics behind the scenes. The Incredibles book is available online.

  • The-mug-with-zip-as-seen-in-The-Beau¬ty-and-the-BeastPaladone-Mrs.-Potts-Tea-Pot-Beauty-and-Beast-Officially-Licensed-Disney-Merchandise

    The Beau­ty and the Beast Chip Mug

    The chip mug as seen in The Beau­ty and the Beast. SCULPTED CHIP COFFEE MUG – With an indented chip on the rim (created with a paint effect), metallic gold trims, and the sweet face of Chip from Beauty and the Beast – this coffee mug is sure to delight any fan of the beloved…

  • blade runner whiskey glass replica

    The Blade Runner Shot Glass

    Whisky glasses as seen in Blade Runner – gift boxed set of 2 The Cibi Old Fashioned Glass now known as the Blade Runner Glass was designed by the Italian architect, Cini Boeri, for Arnolfo di Cambio. Arnolfo di Cambio is a well-known Italian glassmaker. The company released the Blade Runner glass set in 1973…

  • hermes cup

    The Breakfast Cup And Saucer: Hermes Bleus D’Ailleurs

    Breakfast is more memorable with the Hermes Bleus d’Ailleurs Breakfast Cup and Saucer. Take a sip or two from the exquisite made-in-France porcelain cup. This Hermes cup is seen in the movie Pain and Glory. Nautical with Greek connotations, the blue and white pattern makes you want to have breakfast by the sea.

  • antique tea pots

    The Brown Betty Teapot

    Crafted in England in the 1700s, the Brown Betty Teapot makes for a better experience in drinking tea. Composed of red clay, it is said to retain heat more than the others. The antique teapots are handmade exclusively by Cauldron Ceramics. One could tell that it is original when looking at the bottom and seeing…

  • hunger games train chairs navy velvet

    The Capitol Chairs In Hunger Games

    The Hunger Games train chairs were carefully selected to blend with the whole interior of the Capitol train. Soft cobalt blue velvet upholstery with a wood frame plus, it swivels! Have the ride of your life inside the Capitol train sitting in the comforts of the Hunger Games Capitol chair. The originall chairs are not…

  • wes anderson merchaccidentally wes anderson

    The Characters Of Wes Anderson: Throw Blanket