Tube Table Lamp By Roger Rougier

As seen in: Star Trek, Scarface

Designer: Roger Rougier

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The Tube Table Lamp by Roger Rougier can be seen in Scarface and with the same style in Star Trek.

The unique design made of sliced PVC tubes is both interesting and futuristic that is also called the Star Trek Tube lamp. The three different shapes of the Tube lamp are seen in Star Trek. The Rougier Mushroom Lamp, the Ovaloid Lamp, and the Round Tube Lamp.
Another name of the lamp would be the Scarface Lamp using the Rougier Round Tube Lamp. The PVC pipes are painted white that emit a warm glow. While there are those in black with a brass base as the original.
There are those who tried to make their own Rougier Tube Lamp replica. Using a number of PVC pipes as with the original. They look similar but nothing beats the authentic design of Roger Rougier. The lamp is not for the faint at heart or those with Trypophobia.