Ikea Evedal Lamp Designed By Aaron Probyn

As seen in: Star Trek

Designer: Aaron Probyn

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Designed by the industrial designer Aaron Probyn for IKEA, the Evedal Table Lamp can be spotted in Maps and Legends and The End is the Beginning.
The opaque inner shade combined with the colored hand-blown glass outer shade serves two different functions that can be found in one lamp. One of the functions is to be able to dim the light according to your preference.
The base of the lamp is made of marble in grey which supports the wooden stem and dual shades. The light wooden stem can be a giveaway that this is produced by a Scandinavian company.
As expected from IKEA, the amazing Evedal lamp is sold at a reasonable price. You get your value for money and at the same time be able to show off this smartly designed lamp.
The contemporary design of the lamp will fit your interior. Use it as a bedside table lamp or a study lamp, either way, it will make your room brighter.