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  • chavela beer glass

    The Copa Chabela Cuadrada

    Rick Stein, as a younger man, traveled down the Pacific Coast Highway to the Mexican Border. After 50 years, he retraced his steps to Mexico to taste authentic flavors and meet with the chefs. One episode featured large beer glasses called the Copa Chabela Cuadrada. These Chavela glasses are made of high-quality ultra-thick glass, square-shaped…

  • 2001 space odyssey chairs2001 A Space Odyssey Design

    The Djinn Chair as seen in 2001- A Space Odyssey

    The Djinn chair by Olivier Mourgue has an unusual and futuristic design. Seen in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, it stood out from the interiors. Olivier Mourgue is a French industrial designer who at a young age was able to create the Djinn chair while working for Airborne International. The name Djinn is derived…

  • Eames Lounge Chair in moviesThe Ghost Writer Eames Chair EwanMcGregorPierceBrosnanMovie

    The Eames Lounge Chair

    Comfort and modern style, the Eames Lounge Chair is the updated version of the old English club chair. Envisioned by Charles and Ray Eames (American designers) in 1956, the Eames lounge chair and ottoman have become one of the classic favorites. Not only visible in homes and offices, but also in countless movies. The Eames…

  • arne jacobsen Egg ChairThe Bridge Egg Chair

    The Egg Chair

    One of the several designer pieces in The Bridge is the brown leather Egg chair. One that has been well-known all over the world. Arne Jacobsen designed the Egg chair in 1958 and was manufactured by Fritz Hansen, initially for the SAS Royal Hotel. The chair looks massive but with the curves and slender base,…

  • falcon-chair-by-sigurd-ressell

    The Falcon Chair

    Sigurd Ressell is a Norwegian designer well-known for creating armchairs in steel and leather. The Falcon chair, being one of them, is the most notable. The Falcon chair by Sigurd Ressell was designed in the 1970s and then produced by Vatne Mobler. The cushioned leather seat and back are formed and supported by a steel…

  • joe-colombo-chairjoe-colombo-chair-2

    The Futuristic Elda Chair

    The Elda chair was designed by Cesare Joe Colombo in 1965 and was said to be named after his wife, Elda. He took inspiration from visiting a shipyard making fiberglass hulls for boats. The Elda chair has a body formed from fiberglass and the seat and backrest from cushioned leather. The cushions are made to…

  • whiskey-glasses-as-seen-in-the-gentlemen-guy-richieinteriors-decor-furniture-movie-the-gentlemen-guy-richie-whiskey

    The Gentlemen movie whiskey glasses

    THE GENTLEMEN OLD FASHIONED WHISKEY GLASSES The Gentlemen Old Fashioned whiskey glasses by Kanars are a knockout. The diamond-cut design on the lower half of the glass sort of fades upward like diamonds falling. Imagine drinking with the likes of Charlie Hunnam or Matthew McConaughey. Now imagine holding the whiskey glass and chatting with them….

  • the glass room

    The Glass Room Novel

    One major part of the novel The Glass Room by Simon Mawer depicts the triumphs and struggles in the marriage of Viktor and Liesel Landauer during a challenging era. The film The Affair is an adaptation of the book showing more than the complexities of passion. The Glass Room, your next read.

  • jonathan adler chair

    The Goldfinger Velvet Armchair

    Jonathan Adler created a series of furniture as a tribute to the movie Goldfinger. The Goldfinger Velvet Armchair is simple yet luxurious. The arms are made of brass with metal legs. The stellar color blue for the upholstered tufted back and seat. Another beautiful accent for your living room is the Jonathan Adler chair.

  • The-Grand-Budapest-Hotel-mug-pastel-2The-Grand-Budapest-Hotel-mug-pastel-3

    The Grand Budapest Hotel Mug Pastel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel mug is with a pink background and the hotel print is at the center of the mug. Other versions from other artists are available, see the link below.

  • grand repos chair

    The Grand Repos Lounge Chair

    Antonio Citterio’s collaboration with Vitra resulted in the Grand Repos Chair. The high back, swivel seat, reclining, and locking mechanism, plus the comfort it brings to the user. Suitable for your living or study area, the Grand Repos Chair can envelop you with its cushion, head pillow, and amazing lumbar support.

  • LC4-chaise-longue-recliner-by-Le-Corbusier-and-Charlotte

    The Lc4 Lounge Chair

    Le Corbusier, Jeanneret, and Perriand once more created an iconic chair in 1928, the LC4 Chaise Longue. Made of cushioned leather and steel that is adjustable to a reclined position. This gives off a relaxed state of mind. Dimensions: H 70-81cm L 160cm D 56cm Material: Steel in chrome or matte black Leather or hide…

  • the making of stanley kubrick's 2001 a space odyssey2001 A Space Odyssey Design

    The Making Of Stanley Kubrick’S 2001: A Space Odyssey (Book)


  • barcelona-chairsCasino Royale Barcelona

    The Momentous Barcelona Chair

    The Barcelona Chair is from the brilliant minds of Mies van der Rohe and Lily Reich. They wanted to create something that would be part of history, long-lasting and grand. Seen in Tron: Legacy, Batman VS. Superman, American Psycho, to name a few. Having Barcelona chairs in any interior could add class and stature, given…

  • the movie art of syd mead

    The Movie Art Of Syd Mead: Visual Futurist (Book)

    Syd Mead, how were you able to come up with such futuristic designs? If you would view all his creations as from Blade Runner (2019) and Tron (1982), you would be filled with awe as others did. Purchase book The Movie Art of Syd Mead: Visual Futurist and get amazed!

  • navy chairI, Robot - Navy Chair by Emeco

    The Navy Chair Emeco

    Categorically named after the Navy, the Navy chair was meant to be used in submarines. The clean lines of the chair fit perfectly. When you see the Navy chair in movies like The Dark Knight or I, Robot, it is always in an interrogation room. Embodies the essence of the Navy chair.