The Pixar Lamp: Luxo L-1

As seen in: Luxo Jr.,Toy Story 2, Maniac, Pixar Intro

Designer: Jac Jacobsen

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The ‘Pixar’ Luxo lamp

Jacob Jacobsen is the genius behind the original architect lamp, Luxo L-1, designer and founder of Luxo. Since its release in 1937, the lamp garnered numerous design awards.
The Luxo L-1 lamp, a classic task light due to its minimalist and geometric look that is both modern yet timeless in design; the long floating arm can be adjusted to your desired lighting angle with springs that allow it to maintain its position; the material is made of steel and aluminum; suitable for home or office use – a perfect balance of beauty and utility.
Pixar Animation Studio took inspiration from the Luxo L-1 lamp, making it the studio’s mascot, and is being seen in every Pixar animation. The Luxo Jr. is also known as the Pixar lamp, this little bulb changed the animation industry forever and made all of our childhood memories possible.
Ever since its release, people are asking themselves, where can I buy the original Luxo L-1 or the Pixar lamp toy?
Check out the links below to show you where to buy the Luxo L-1 lamp and a chance to still buy the controversial Pixar toy lamp.
Note: Disney is no longer releasing and selling new Luxo Jr. lamps due to legal concerns.