Game Of Thrones Scotch Set

As seen in: Game of Thrones


Limited Edition Game Of Thrones Scotch Collection

HBO’s Game of Thrones has dominated the television world for years and fans are still talking about it. Even the wit and shrewdness of Tyrion made him one of the most loved characters in the series.

With the limited edition of the Game of Thrones Scotch Set, you can experience them again. Savor each of the single malt scotch whiskey to bring you back to the 7 Kingdoms of Westeros and the Night Watch, plus the 9th bottle as the conclusion.

The perfect collaboration of HBO with Diageo and 8 iconic, features the 9 bottles of whiskey with each of their extraordinary taste. Explore your senses with the different complex flavors that any scotch whiskey connoisseur would appreciate. One of the tasting notes in House Stark is “Honey and fresh fig develop on the palate followed by a delicious maltiness and rich fruit cake”

Each bottle: 70cl

  • Cardhu Gold Reserve “House Targaryen” – 40% abv
  • Clynelish Reserve “House Tyrell” – 51% abv
  • Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost “House Stark” – 43% abv
  • Lagavulin 9yr old “House Lannister” – 46% abv
  • Oban Bay Reserve “The Night’s Watch” – 43% abv
  • Royal Lochnagar 12yr old “House Baratheon” – 40% abv
  • Glendullan Distillery The Singleton “House Tully” – 40% abv
  • Talisker Select Reserve “House Greyjoy” – 45.8% abv
  • Mortlach 15-year-old “Six Kingdoms” – 46% abv