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  • hal 9000 model

    2001: A Space Odyssey Kit – Moebius Models Hal 9000

    Heuristically programmed Algorithmic (HAL) computer model kit is now available in plastic at 1/1 scale. Produced by Moebius Models, the HAL 9000 model is another treat for 2001: A Space Odyssey fans. Height: 13.75″

  • accidentally wes anderson

    Accidentally Wes Anderson Foreword

    The Accidentally Wes Anderson book, your new travel guide. Wander off to exciting places that could remind you of Wes Anderson movies. Places you have never imagined to be true, a definite page-turner. You would want to discover them for yourself! Your once-in-a-lifetime may be happening soon!

  • Beetle-Scarabaeus-Atlas-Of-Java--Graphic-Art-as-seen-in-The-Gentlementhe-gentlemen-wall-painting-cockroach

    Beetle Scarabaeus atlas of Java graphic art as seen in The Gentlemen

    Guy Ritchie’’s latest gangster blockbuster, The Gentlemen, was filmed at The Princess Victoria.

  • deckard's dream

    Deckard’S Dream 8-Voice Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer

    Popularized in the 70s and 80s synthesizers made music more interesting. Featuring Deckard’s Dream Synthesizer as part of Blade Runner’s soundtrack. Labeled as Deckard’s Dream surely enthralls listeners. Deckard’s Dream kit consists of the following: • VCO with sine, square and saw waveforms • PWM with sine wave LFO control • Dual 12dB high pass…

  • ettore sottsass totem

    Ettore Sottsass Totems

    As seen in Pain and Glory, the colorful Totems by Ettore Sottsass add an interesting feature to the interior. The Ettore Sottsass Totem is available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. It’s fun, big, and geometric that would be a delight to own.

  • arne jacobsen flatware 2001

    Flatware By Arne Jacobsen

    As seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Arne Jacobsen flatware was surely noticeable. The modern shape and streamlined design fit the movie quite well. The eternal modernist, Arne Jacobsen followed the “less is more” concept to heart. This Arne Jacobsen flatware 2001 embodies his style. Made of matt stainless steel, this straightforward design is…

  • william morris fruit wallpaperTolkien Fruit wallpaper by William Morris

    Fruit Wallpaper In Wine & Manilla

    You will know it’s a William Morris design from the style of how the fruits were depicted in the wallpaper. The detail from the fruits and leaves to the stems with thorns are all emphasized. Another version of the William Morris Fruit wallpaper comes in wine & manilla color combination. As seen in Phantom Thread…

  • the shining hexagon carpetThe Shining 1980 Danny On the Carpet

    Hicks’ Hexagon: The Shining Carpet

    Anyone who has seen Kubrick’s The Shining would certainly notice the hexagonal rug, designed by David Hicks. The pop of colors may have contributed to the shock effect of what has happened with the Torrance family staying in the Overlook Hotel. The Shining carpet design is anything but boring. Showing movement with its colors and…

  • cantina lego

    Lego Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina

    Two for one delight, the leading brand for a building block construction toy plus your favorite sci-fi movie. Featuring the Lego Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina as seen in Star Wars movies, ready to be part of your collection. Composed of a whopping 3187 pieces! Fans and whiz kids would have a field day.

  • moon bowl

    Mario Bellini Moon Bowl

    As seen in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Moon Bowl is right on top of Bruce Wayne’s dining table. It matches the minimalist interior and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The shape is like a half-moon. Combine it with the texture of the bowl, one could think it to be similar to that of a…

  • midsommar bear on fire

    Midsommar Bear Picture

    Poor little bear! 1912 Midsommar, a film with horror elements, by Ari Aster, some say uses the bear as a symbolism of Norse and Scandinavian folklore. It is known that a bear is an important figure in folklore. Though for Ari Aster, this is a fairy tale. The Midsommar bear painting is by the Swedish…

  • chubby naturalThe Bridge Egg Chair

    Natural Oak Bird From Architectmade

    As seen in The Bridge, the wooden Bird figurines are facing different directions. The movable head and chubby natural oak wood appearance makes for an interesting coffee table conversation. Those nice figurines also seen in The Affair are quite eye-catching with the way they look. Architectmade produced the Bird figurines carved from natural oak. The…

  • what stereo did patrick bateman have

    Patrick Bateman’S Choice: Harman Kardon Sound System

    One thing that bothers those who have seen American Psycho is what stereo did Patrick Bateman have? The answer? The Harman Kardon stereo music system, combination as below: HK 725 preamp HK 770 amplifier HK EQ7 equalizer HK 440xm cassette deck Pioneer PD-4300 (black CD player)

  • queen's gambit curtainsblue-green-wallpapers-queens-gambit

    Queen’s Gambit Curtains

    THE CURTAINS IN QUEEN’S GAMBIT The retro interior as seen in Queen’s Gambit has several elements that create its realistic effect. Set in the 1950s-1960s, the film boasts of its amazing actors and set design. One component is the Queen’s Gambit curtains. Be it in floral print, plaid/checkered, or just simply plain, they sometimes do…

  • extendible-bahroom-mirror-as-seen-in-the-queens-gambitIkeaMirror--TheQueensGambitS1E6Adjournment

    Retro extending bathroom mirror

    CHROME EXTENDING MIRROR As seen in The Queen’s Gambit, the chrome extending bathroom mirror gives off a retro feel. The x-shaped design for the bracket and the mirror are made of alloy steel and glass respectively. It extends up to 20 inches from the wall so you can use the mirror with convenience. Space-saving and…

  • room 237 rugoverlook hotel rug

    Room 237 Overlook Hotel Rug

    Striking colors and peacock feather-like design of the Room 237 Overlook Hotel rug has given everyone quite a surprise. If you haven’t felt it, you won’t believe it. Experience the shock felt from the movie The Shining and get your Room 237 rug now!