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  • vintage-looking Queen's Gambit postervintage-looking-Queen’s-Gambit-poster-2

    Vintage Looking Queen Gambit’s Poster

    QUEEN’S GAMBIT POSTER The vintage-looking Queen’s Gambit poster by Mike Sapienza is smart with the use of black, white, and red colors. The checkered red and white spaces look like a chessboard with the Queen chess piece on the lower left side. With this interpretation, it could clearly be known that the movie has something…

  • queen's gambit curtainsblue-green-wallpapers-queens-gambit

    Queen’s Gambit Curtains

    THE CURTAINS IN QUEEN’S GAMBIT The retro interior as seen in Queen’s Gambit has several elements that create its realistic effect. Set in the 1950s-1960s, the film boasts of its amazing actors and set design. One component is the Queen’s Gambit curtains. Be it in floral print, plaid/checkered, or just simply plain, they sometimes do…

  • scalamandre zebra pillowThe Royal Tenenbaums Red Zebras Wallpaper

    Zebra Pillow Cover By Scalamandre

    The Scalamandre Zebra pillowcase is another accessory you can use to liven up any room. As an accent or an inspiration for your home decoration, the Zebra pillow will set the mood for any interior. The Zebra pillowcase is made of cotton blend and filling included (down blend) for extra fluff! One zebra may be…

  • octopus print

    Spa Octopus In Fifty Shades Darker

    Created by Jennifer Goldberger, an American artist, the Octopus painting was seen in the movie, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, in Ana’s office. Her works of art evoke a delicate feminine vibe. A depiction of the octopus in a glowing turquoise that looks like it’s floating and made it less intimidating. The Octopus…

  • arne jacobsen flatware 2001

    Flatware By Arne Jacobsen

    As seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Arne Jacobsen flatware was surely noticeable. The modern shape and streamlined design fit the movie quite well. The eternal modernist, Arne Jacobsen followed the “less is more” concept to heart. Experience the iconic design of Arne Jacobsen with the Flatware collection. As seen in the timeless film…

  • hal 9000 model

    2001: A Space Odyssey Kit – Moebius Models Hal 9000

    Heuristically programmed Algorithmic (HAL) computer model kit is now available in plastic at 1/1 scale. Produced by Moebius Models, the HAL 9000 model is another treat for 2001: A Space Odyssey fans. Height: 13.75″

  • william morris fruit wallpaperTolkien Fruit wallpaper by William Morris

    Fruit Wallpaper In Wine & Manilla

    You will know it’s a William Morris design from the style of how the fruits were depicted in the wallpaper. The detail from the fruits and leaves to the stems with thorns are all emphasized. Another version of the William Morris Fruit wallpaper comes in wine & manilla color combination. As seen in Phantom Thread…

  • olivetti valentine typewriter

    Valentine Portable Typewriter

    The striking red Valentine typewriter seen in A Clockwork Orange was designed by Ettore Sottsass and Perry A. King and manufactured by Olivetti. It could be that the color red symbolizes love. Perhaps why the Olivetti Valentine typewriter was in the same color.

  • deckard's dream

    Deckard’S Dream 8-Voice Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer

    Popularized in the 70s and 80s synthesizers made music more interesting. Featuring Deckard’s Dream Synthesizer as part of Blade Runner’s soundtrack. Labeled as Deckard’s Dream surely enthralls listeners. Deckard’s Dream kit consists of the following: • VCO with sine, square and saw waveforms • PWM with sine wave LFO control • Dual 12dB high pass…

  • what stereo did patrick bateman haveHiptobeSquare-AmericanPsycho-Music Player

    Patrick Bateman’S Choice: Harman Kardon Sound System

    One thing that bothers those who have seen American Psycho is what stereo did Patrick Bateman have? The answer? The Harman Kardon stereo music system, combination as below: HK 725 preamp HK 770 amplifier HK EQ7 equalizer HK 440xm cassette deck Pioneer PD-4300 (black CD player)

  • dieter-rams-10-principles-poster

    Ten Principles Of A Good Design (Poster)

    Dieter Rams is an industrial designer and he came up with the Ten Principles of Good Design. A method or process to developing a good design that has become a standard for other designers, especially in the 80s. The Dieter Rams poster can be bought in different sizes. The Dieter Rams Ten Principles poster is…

  • the shining room key

    The Overlook Hotel Room 237 Keyring

    The Shining room keyring with a red base and the letterings in white is instilled in our minds easily. The room 237 Overlook Hotel keyring is made of plastic or acrylic in red and the letters and numbers are painted white. The Shining keychain replica is available at several stores.

  • space odyssey monolith where to buy

    Space Odyssey Monolith Acction Figure

    THE MONOLITH EXPERIENCE One of Stanley Kubrick’s most renowned films is 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). It depicts the future stemming from the evolution of mankind. The Space Odyssey monolith shown in the movie creates a space warp of the human evolution, technology, and alien intelligence for the space explorer. Sci-fi geeks would love 2001:…

  • the shining hexagon carpetThe Shining 1980 Danny On the Carpet

    Hicks’ Hexagon: The Shining Carpet

    Anyone who has seen Kubrick’s The Shining would certainly notice the hexagonal rug, designed by David Hicks. The pop of colors may have contributed to the shock effect of what has happened with the Torrance family staying in the Overlook Hotel. The Shining carpet design is anything but boring. Showing movement with its colors and…

  • midsommar bear on fire

    Midsommar Bear Picture

    Poor little bear! 1912 Midsommar, a film with horror elements, by Ari Aster, some say uses the bear as a symbolism of Norse and Scandinavian folklore. It is known that a bear is an important figure in folklore. Though for Ari Aster, this is a fairy tale. The Midsommar bear painting is by the Swedish…

  • extendible-bahroom-mirror-as-seen-in-the-queens-gambitIkeaMirror--TheQueensGambitS1E6Adjournment

    Retro extending bathroom mirror

    CHROME EXTENDING MIRROR As seen in The Queen’s Gambit, the chrome extending bathroom mirror gives off a retro feel. The x-shaped design for the bracket and the mirror are made of alloy steel and glass respectively. It extends up to 20 inches from the wall so you can use the mirror with convenience. Space-saving and…