Fruit Wallpaper In Wine & Manilla

As seen in: Phantom Thread, Tolkien

Designer: William Morris


You will know it’s a William Morris design from the style of how the fruits were depicted in the wallpaper. The detail from the fruits and leaves to the stems with thorns are all emphasized.
Another version of the William Morris Fruit wallpaper comes in wine & manilla color combination. As seen in Phantom Thread and Tolkien, the colors create a somber and give off a formal feel. One could stare at it for some time and not get bored.
The manilla color would be the green leaves and pomegranate mixed with the wine color of the background, flowers, and fruits. The fruits then pop out from the dark background.
The Fruit wallpaper is being used in homes up to this day. Having the original printing blocks still intact, they were able to reproduce the design. Having several colors available, the combinations are in the same muted tones as the wine and manilla.