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  • william morris fruit wallpaperTolkien Fruit wallpaper by William Morris

    Fruit Wallpaper In Wine & Manilla

    You will know it’s a William Morris design from the style of how the fruits were depicted in the wallpaper. The detail from the fruits and leaves to the stems with thorns are all emphasized. Another version of the William Morris Fruit wallpaper comes in wine & manilla color combination. As seen in Phantom Thread…

  • I'm-Thinking-of-Ending-Things-wallpapersI'm Thinking of Ending Things Compton wallpaper by William Morris

    Wallpaper As Seen In I’m Thinking Of Ending Things

    The film I’m Thinking of Ending Things is as psychological as it gets. One’s negative feelings of despair, anxiety, and hopelessness that usually end in death are artistically depicted in the movie. Contrasting to the story is the wallpaper at Jake’s parents’ house. The Compton wallpaper shows tulips and poppies together in a pattern that…

  • fruit wallpapersPhantom-Thread-Morris-Fruit-Wallpapers

    Wiliam Morris Fruit Wallpaper As Seen In Phantom Thread

    The brainchild of William Morris is the Fruit wallpaper (slate and thyme) as seen in Phantom Thread. Print composing of numerous pomegranates hanging from branches with flowers. The way he portrayed pomegranates was quite delicate. William Morris is an important figure in the British Victorian era. His wallpaper designs showed mastery and fascination. Inspired by…