Detroit’s (Tessa Thompson) Earrings from Sorry to Bother You


Tessa Thompson’s character, Detroit, in Boots Riley’s satire “Sorry to Bother You” makes a bold statement with the MURDER/KILL earrings she wears. These earrings not only add to Detroit’s eclectic style but also serve as a symbolic element in the film’s narrative.

Tessa Thompson’s Iconic Earrings: A Statement of Rebellion

In Sorry to Bother You Tessa Thompson’s character, Detroit, steals the spotlight with her bold wardrobe, featuring eye-catching earrings that symbolize her artistic flair and defiance against societal norms. Each pair of earrings worn by Detroit adds depth to her character, showcasing her creativity and refusal to conform in a world that demands compliance. From bold geometric shapes to whimsical designs, Detroit’s earrings make a memorable and integral contribution to the film’s fashion landscape, embodying her refusal to blend in.