Gold rimmed wine glass with Greek key pattern as seen in the Gentlemen

As seen in: The Gentlemen

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Feel like a god drinking from the fine Greek Key Patterned wine glasses rimmed in gold, as seen in the film The Gentlemen.

Does wine taste better from beautiful glasses? Perhaps they do or perhaps they don’t, but one thing’s for sure, it definitely feels better.

The Italian gold-rimmed wine glasses are elegant in style from the Melania Collection of Lorren Home of Trends. They come in three different types each with its own distinct design. One with a diamond-shaped etched design while the other has linear grooves.

All featured in The Gentlemen, you feel like you’re invited to party or discuss business with the distinguished men. To see them drinking from the glasses, you could tell that they are high-quality and worthy.

Make room for these elegant wine glasses in your display cabinet, adding class to your collection. Don’t forget to serve expensive wine in them at your next celebration.