“Wolfwalkers” is a 2020 animated fantasy film directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart. The film follows the story of Robyn, a young girl who is sent to Ireland with her father to help with the extermination of the wolves. But when she meets Mebh, a wild girl who can turn into a wolf, her world is turned upside down. This heartwarming and action-packed film has won numerous awards and has become a fan favorite.

Plot Summary

“Wolfwalkers” is set in Ireland during the 17th century, a time when the English were trying to conquer the land and eliminate the native wolves. Robyn, a young girl from England, is sent to Ireland with her father to help with the wolf extermination. But when she sneaks out one night, she meets Mebh, a wild girl who can turn into a wolf. Mebh introduces Robyn to the world of the Wolfwalkers, a group of people who can turn into wolves and live in harmony with nature.


As Robyn learns more about the Wolfwalkers and their way of life, she realizes that her father’s mission is wrong and that the wolves are not the enemy. She joins forces with Mebh and the other Wolfwalkers to fight against her father and the English army and protect the wolves and their land.


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The main characters of “Wolfwalkers” are Robyn, Mebh, and their families. Robyn is a brave and curious girl who is not afraid to question the rules and traditions of her society. She is a skilled archer and is determined to protect the wolves and the Wolfwalkers. Mebh is a wild and free-spirited girl who can turn into a wolf. She is wise and compassionate, and she teaches Robyn the ways of the Wolfwalkers.

Robyn’s father, Bill Goodfellowe, is a hunter and wolf exterminator who is tasked with wiping out the wolves in Ireland. He is strict and rigid, and he does not understand or appreciate the beauty and value of nature. Mebh’s mother, Mad Mohra, is the leader of the Wolfwalkers and a powerful and fierce protector of the wolves and their land.

Other important characters in the film include the other members of the Wolfwalkers, who are all skilled archers and warriors, and the English soldiers, who are ruthless and determined to eradicate the wolves.

Art Style and Music

Taken from the film “WolfWalkers” by Bruno Coulais, Kíla, AURORA – Full Album

One of the standout features of “Wolfwalkers” is its unique art style and music. The film is hand-drawn using traditional animation techniques, which gives it a beautiful and timeless quality. The colors are vibrant and the backgrounds are detailed and lush, creating a rich and immersive world for the characters to inhabit.

The music in the film is also noteworthy. The score is composed by Bruno Coulais and features traditional Irish instruments such as the uilleann pipes and the bodhrán. The songs are performed by the Irish band Kíla and add to the film’s folkloric and mystical atmosphere.

Coulais’s music adds to the film’s folkloric and mystical atmosphere and has been praised by critics and audiences alike.He has also composed the scores for many other films, including “Coraline” (2009)

Coraline: The Complete Soundtrack by Bruno Coulais



“Wolfwalkers” has been compared to the 2009 animated film “Coraline” in terms of its unique art style and storytelling. Both films use traditional animation techniques and have a distinct visual style that sets them apart from other animated films. Additionally, both films tell the story of a young girl who discovers a magical world and must face challenges in order to protect those she cares about.



In addition to the film, “Wolfwalkers” has also spawned a line of merchandise. Fans of the film can purchase items such as t-shirts, posters, and plush toys featuring the characters and artwork from the film. These items make great gifts for fans of the film and can help support the filmmakers and the continued success of the “Wolfwalkers” franchise.

How to dress like Coraline-Coralinecostume-DIY

In terms of merchandise, fans of “Wolfwalkers” may be interested in purchasing a “Coraline” costume. or Corpse Bride costume. One option could be a costume of Coraline’s Other Mother, the evil version of Coraline’s real mother who tries to trap her in the parallel world. A “Coraline” costume would be a fun and creative way for fans of “Wolfwalkers” to dress up as their favorite character and show their love for both films. Or

Reception and Awards

“Wolfwalkers” has received widespread critical acclaim and has won numerous awards. It was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards and won the award for Best Animated Feature Film at the 44th Annie Awards. It also won the Grand Prize at the Ottawa International Animation Festival and the Audience Award at the Melbourne International Film Festival.


“Wolfwalkers” is a beautifully crafted and moving animated film that explores themes of family, friendship, and environmentalism. Its unique art style and music, along with its engaging story and characters, make it a must-see for fans of animation and fantasy. With its success at award shows and its availability of merchandise, “Wolfwalkers” is sure to be a beloved film for years to come.