Steal Robin Buckley’s Stranger Things Outfits

Add a touch of cinematic magic to your wardrobe with our roundup of daring and hip movie-inspired outfits. We’ll show you how to dress like Robin-Buckley from Stranger Things with our selection of chic and stylish pieces. Slip them on and step into the spotlight like a star with these iconic looks from Stranger Things.

Robin-Buckley from Stranger Things Outfit Idea

Joining a well established show for its third season can be a daunting prospect. However by the way Maya Hawke just slotted right into the cast of the Duffer Brothers major Netflix smash hit Stranger Things, you would never have known she was the new girl on set. 

It isn’t until the fourth season of Stranger Things that we really get to see Robin and Nancy team up and work together. Like when they go to Pennhurst Mental Hospital and blag their way into an interview with Victor Creel, who they hope might just help them find Vecna’s weakness.  

However life imitated art with us first meeting Maya’s Robin Buckley as Steve’s colleague at Scoops Ahoy, the ice cream parlor in the doomed Starcourt mall, before she pitched in to help save the world. So by season four Robin is firmly one of the gang, and with the mall gone and a new job to worry about we finally get a glimpse of the teens androgynous fashion style. 

Yet, with only two seasons of looks to work with, compared to other characters like tomboy Max Mayfield (whose 80’s fashion choices we discuss here), we still had a dilemma picking out the Robin Buckley Stranger Things outfits that we think best express the sarcastic and witty teens desirable style.

Stranger Things Robin Buckleys’s Scoops Ahoy Uniform 

Stranger Things Robin Buckleys’s Scoops Ahoy Uniform Outfit
One of Robin’s most memorable looks throughout Stranger Things is definitely her Scoops Ahoy uniform from Season three. Which has now become a popular cos-play and halloween costume with its instantly recognisable shorts, vest and striped t-shirt. Stranger Things, Netflix.

It seems only right to start our discussion of Robin Buckley’s Stranger Things outfits with the first one that we see her in, and the look she ends up wearing for the whole of season three. 

Less of a style choice and more of a dresscode Robin, and Steve Harrington’s Scoops Ahoy uniform has quickly become a fan favorite, but is definitely more suited for Halloween and dressing up. However a stylish pair of tailored shorts and striped t-shirt would give you the essence of the look while still keeping it fashionable.    

Red Converse Sneakers from Stranger Things

Robin Buckleys’s Outfits - Red Converse Sneakers from Stranger Things
There’s that Scoops Ahoy uniform again, which is no surprise since it was Robin’s main costume for a whole season, but this time around let’s focus on her classic red Converse sneakers. Stranger Things, Netflix.

A lot of the final looks we see on screen for the Stranger Things cast, and particularly Robin, involve some element of diy. So if you look closely you might just notice that Maya has had a little doodle all over those classic red All Star Chuck Taylor sneakers. Which according to costume designer Amy Parris, had a subtle hidden meaning even she was unaware of until she watched the show.

Robin’s Leaf Print Button-up Shirt in Stranger Things

Robin Buckleys’s Outfits - Leaf Print Button-up Shirt in Stranger Things
The easiest way to replicate the Robin Buckley outfits with their masculine fit would be to buy clothes, just as she would have, from the mens department. A perfect solution for loose shirts, which you could even customize to represent your own style. Stranger Things, Netflix.

The Robin Buckley Stranger Things outfits have a much more masculine edge to them than a feminine one, and apart from her Scoops Ahoy uniform normally consist of either darker colors or plenty of prints. Just like this yellow button-up shirt with a bold black hand printed leaf design. Something that the costume department on the show customized with symbols to represent Robin and her quirky characteristics. So why not replicate her oversized baggy shirt look with our mens leaf print one we have found below. 

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Checked Oversized Blazer Robin Buckley Wears in Stranger Things

Robin Buckleys’s Outfits - Checked Oversized Blazer in Stranger Things
A new job means a new awkward uniform for Robin and Steve, but at least this time around it is just a ‘Family Video’ green vest, so it doesn’t obscure the full effect of her perfect androgynous Robin Buckley outfit. Stranger Things, Netflix.

Back in the days of neon lycra, floral prints and knitted leg warmers, Robin’s checked patterned blazer got its oversized feel from being bought in the men’s store of the shopping mall. Paired with an equally masculine, clashing check print shirt and high waisted slacks was what gave the Robin Buckley outfits her androgynous style. But it’s not the 80’s now, so check out some of the   perfect female oversized blazers we have found to steal her look below.  

Transforming into Nancy Wheeler

Robin Buckleys’s Outfits - Transforming into Nancy Wheeler in Stranger Things
Intentional or not, the scene where Robin and Nancy go to Pennhurst Mental Hospital to interview Victor Creel has a real parallel feel with the scenes from The Silence of the Lambs when Clarice Starling meets Hannibal Lecter. Stranger Things, Netflix.

Without a doubt one of the Robin Buckley outfits that is the most memorable from season four would be her style make-over by Nancy, to look just like Nancy. 

The two older teen girls’ relationship had gotten off to a rocky start, but it seems that working together to save the world can be a real bonding experience and we eventually see them team up to interview assumed family killer Victor Creel. She might be uncomfortable in her cute pink ruffle blouse, flowery skirt and kitten heel pumps but Robin’s unease adds some extra drama to the scene and definitely brought some memories back for every 80’s teen girl out there.    

Robin’s Wrangler Black Sherpa Jacket Worn in Stranger Things

Robin Buckleys’s Outfits - Black Sherpa Jacket Worn in Stranger Things
Maya Hawke got the opportunity to work with the costume department to pick out the vintage patches that would be added to Robin’s classic black denim jacket, to make sure she felt Robin’s personality was correctly represented. Stranger Things, Netflix.

Every 80’s teen from school heartthrob, Steve Harrington (who you can learn to dress like here), to Robin Buckley with her witty alternative girl attitude needed some denim in their wardrobe. With Robin’s classic Black Wrangler Sherpa jacket the perfect canvas for her to do some more diy customizing. Adding a selection of vintage patches let her express her personality, sexuality and teen obsessions, and there’s no reason why you couldn’t steal the look with your own individually styled denim sherpa jacket.  

Robin Buckley’s Clashing Patterns and Trouser Braces From Stranger Things Season 4

Robin Buckley’s Clashing Patterns and Trouser Braces From Stranger Things Season 4
This Robin Buckley outfit looks like she has picked out some of her best clothes to wear for volunteering at Hawkins High at the end of season four. Which is handy for when she runs into her crush Vickie and they become PB&J making buddies, which you never know might lead to more. Stranger Things, Netflix.

It would seem that the only thing more important to the Robin Buckley Stranger Things outfits than her masculine fits would be her use of clashing patterns and prints. Most of Robin’s wardrobe is made up of either stripes or checks, but this androgynous look manages to use both patterns. Which ultimately works great and fits her style well. But while many of us would question wearing a striped shirt with a clashing checked vest, Robin leans into the tailored mens look and even accessories with some trouser braces. 

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Although she has only been in Stranger Things since season three, and has some stiff competition from the rest of the cast, Maya Hawke’s Robin Buckley’s outfits definitely are some of the most memorable. With her unique style and masculine feel to her clothes, it might be hard to imagine yourself stealing her looks for your own wardrobe. But you don’t need to dress exactly like Robin to channel her fashion style, instead all you need to remember is that she never worries about what other people think of her, at least when it comes to her clothes anyway.