Steal Her Style: Rebecca Welton’s Impeccable Fashion in Ted Lasso

Add a touch of cinematic magic to your wardrobe with our roundup of daring and hip movie-inspired outfits. We’ll show you how to dress like Rebecca Welton from Ted Lasso with our selection of chic and stylish pieces. Slip them on and step into the spotlight like a star with these iconic looks from Ted Lasso.

For soccer fans the wait for the new season of the English Premier League to start in August is endless. But for us fashionistas the only soccer we are interested in is the kind available at the push of a button on Apple Tv+. Ted Lasso, the story of an American coach boosting AFC Richmond, will be greatly missed after just three seasons.

Ted brings Rebecca biscuits and tries to start a new morning ritual ‘biscuits with the boss.’ 

But not nearly as much as the Rebecca Welton Ted Lasso outfits, which might have actually been the highlight of the show. The bosslady, who became the team’s new owner after getting the club in her divorce, knows how to power dress like a successful business woman, and we’ve found some of her most striking looks below.  

Rebecca Welton’s Copper Satin Top From The First and Last Episode of Ted Lasso 

Rebecca Welton’s Copper Satin Top From The First and Last Episode of Ted Lasso 2
Seen here in the first episode of Ted Lasso, Rebecca wears almost exactly the same outfit in the finale episode at the end of season three, as a little nod to her journey throughout the show. Ted Lasso, Apple Tv+.

It seems like the best place to start when looking at Rebecca Welton’s most memorable Ted Lasso outfits would be this striking copper v-neck top that was one of the first, and in a beautiful nod to her character one of the last, looks we see Rebecca wear. The lustrous satin sleeveless blouse pairs perfectly with the figure-hugging black pencil skirt, to give her a feminine edge while still very much reminding everyone she is the boss.

Rebecca’s Camel Colored Wool Trench Coat in Ted Lasso

Rebecca’s Camel Colored Wool Trench Coat in Ted Lasso 2
Every fashionable woman has a trench coat in their wardrobe, but if you are Rebecca Welton the added luxury of having it in a camel colored wool just adds the perfect finishing touch. Ted Lasso, Apple Tv+.

Rebecca might have originally had mixed feelings about AFC Richmond, and initially tried to get them relegated as punishment to her ex-husband who she says always loved the club more than here. But one thing Rebecca Welton has never had doubts about is her wardrobe of exquisite coats. From designer houndstooth to plaids to this camel wool trench coat she never puts a foot wrong. 

Rebecca’s Stylish Gray Panama Hat From Ted Lasso

Rebeca Welton Outfits -Panama Hat
Rebecca never goes wrong when she adds a hat to finish off her looks, with this gray panama hat the perfect accessory to her check coat. Ted Lasso, Apple Tv+.

With as many hats as players in her team’s dressing room, none of her Rebecca Ted Lasso outfits are complete without one of her chic headpieces. None more fashionable than the subtle gray Melrose and Market Panama Hat she paired with her check belted coat. Even matching the hat’s ribbon to her black suit underneath.  

Gray Wool Flat Cap Worn by Rebbecca Welton in Ted Lasso

Outfits - Gray Wool Flat Cap Worn by Rebbecca Welton in Ted Lasso
In the Ted Lasso Christmas episode Rebecca chooses the unusual accessory of a flat cap to pair with her houndstooth blazer and wool scarf, yet pulls the look off impeccably. Ted Lasso, Apple Tv+.

Synonymous with old men and the working class, as much as with the wealthy, the flat cap is a hard look to pull off. But when you are as beautiful as Hannah Waddingham, and as wealthy as Rebecca Welton then there is nothing you can’t make work. Including a traditional gray wool flat cap paired with a green and black houndstooth blazer.

Rebecca Welton’s Pale Yellow Blouse in Ted Lasso

Outfit -Rebecca Welton’s Pale Yellow Blouse
Rebecca Welton sure knows how to stand out in her club’s boardroom with this yellow blouse. Turning heads for her wardrobe as well as for the power she has as the Bosslady. Ted Lasso, Apple Tv+.

Known on the show for her no nonsense attitude and impeccable taste in clothes, wearing the most stylish and flattering outfits might actually be one of Rebecca Weltons superpowers. With figure-hugging pencil skirts and soft delicate blouses emphasizing her womanly charm, without taking away any of her power. This pale yellow drapey blouse with implied front wrap-over and subtly opaque sleeves is a notable example, especially when paired with her gray check skirt.     

Rebecca’s Blue Wool Scarf

Outfits-Rebecca’s Blue Wool Scarf
Rebecca knows just the right accessories to pair with her outfits. Always making sure they add rather than detract from her fashionable looks. Ted Lasso, Apple Tv+.

Winter in England can get pretty cold, so it is no wonder that Rebecca has to throw on a substantial wool scarf to keep those frosty chills at bay. Not forgetting of course to match the pale blue accessory perfectly with the rest of her wintery ensemble. 

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The Pretty in Pink Midi-Dress Worn by Rebecca in Season Three of Ted Lasso

The Pretty in Pink Feminine Midi-Dress Worn by Rebecca in Season Three of Ted Lasso
Rebecca has to walk a fine line between feminine and professional, yet not too girly to make sure she is taken seriously as the owner of AFC Richmond, a men’s soccer team. Ted Lasso, Apple Tv+.

The typical Rebecca Ted Lasso outfit might be all about perfecting the power dressing dynamic of being the female boss, in a male industry, but Rebecca isn’t afraid to wear girlie colors or pretty fabrics. So this beautiful Maje satin midi-dress she wore in the third season won’t stop her. Even with the girlie rose pink color, soft flowing satin fabric or delicate ruffle finishes to the sleeves and shoulders.

That Statement Red One Shoulder Number

Rebeca Welton Outfits Statement Red One Shoulder Number
Not afraid to use color in her wardrobe, Rebecca brings out the red when she wants to make quite the first impression, and going by the smile on her face it would seem to be working. Ted Lasso, Apple Tv+.

Not worried about sticking to a strict color palette, her outfits throughout Ted Lasso include many different tones and shades, from neutrals right through to vibrant pinks and blues. But when Rebecca really wants to make a statement, like on a date, there is nothing better than a knock-out red dress. Striking for more than just the color, the satin one shoulder cocktail dress hugs Hannah’s body emphasizing her beautiful curves. Yet truth be told, it is her infectious smile that makes the look shine.

Dolce and Gabbana Handbag

Rebeca Welton Outfits Dolce and Gabbana Handbag
When you have as much money as Rebecca Welton does, it comes as no surprise that her wardrobe is full of the latest designer clothes and accessories. Ted Lasso, Apple Tv+.

Always managing to look the absolute height of fashion, it is no surprise that Rebecca Welton likes to spend her money on the finer things in life. From luxury silk blouses, to exquisite coats and a fair few italian designer handbags. Just like her timeless Dolce & Gabbana handbag in a supple soft gray leather that is the epitome of stylish.

Rebecca Welton’s Bosslady Gray Coat in Season Three of Ted Lasso

Rebecca Welton’s Best Outfits - Bosslady Gray Coat in Season Three of Ted Lasso
It is not easy to look fashionable and trendy while trying to stay warm at an English Premier League football match, but Rebecca Welton and her exquisite coat collection are up for the challenge. Ted Lasso, Apple Tv+.

Looking every inch the Bosslady as she watches her team play from the stands in another one of her exquisite coats, Rebecca has gone for a darker color palette this time. Choosing a dark gray herringbone coat, with contrasting black lapel and one of her many hats to compliment the look. Who said staying warm at the football couldn’t be as fashionable as a designer runway show. 

Here you can find exact the same coat by Proen­za Schouler worn in this scene by Re­bec­ca Wel­ton (Han­nah Wadding­ham) as seen in Ted Las­so (S03E02)

With a show about soccer being a big hit with the ladies, it would surprise no one to actually find out that most of us are actually watching for the impeccable fashions of Rebecca Welton. Full of satin blouses, figure-hugging pencil skirts and the latest designer offerings in the jacket world it is hard to take your eyes off of the Rebecca Ted Lasso outfits.

But if you don’t have her budget to steal her looks, why not just start by adding a couple of fashionable accessories to your wardrobe, because it seems like you can never go wrong with a panama hat or two.