Dress Up Like Old Joseph Joestar from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

If you are looking for a good Old Joseph Joestar costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Old Joseph Joestar from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.


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Old Joseph Joestar from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Costume Guide

Cosplay Inspo – Ready to become a Joestar?

Cosplaying as Joseph Joestar from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a popular choice among fans of the series. With his iconic blue jacket and red scarf, Joseph is a recognizable and beloved character. To accurately portray Joseph, it’s important to pay attention to the details of his costume and accessories. Here are some tips for creating a convincing Joseph Joestar cosplay.

Costume Inspo - Joseph as he appears in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders
Costume Inspo – Joseph as he appears in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders

Jojo’s Bizare Adventure, often just referred to as “Jojo”, is a long-time series that has acquired dedicated fans since its initial release in January 1987. However, a series like this is truly unique in the sense that its fans have some of the widest variety in age range due to how long the series has been around and how it’s segmented into different parts that each tell different stories but still loosely connect to one another. A very famous protagonist from the second segment is Joseph Joestar, who then makes an appearance in the third segment when he’s older.

So what’s the deal with Joseph Joestar?

Joseph Joestar Uniform Halloween Cosplay Costume
Joseph Joestar Uniform Halloween Cosplay Costume available here

A natural hothead, Joseph often found himself in the center of fights growing up and solved a lot of his issues with his fists. He was even imprisoned several times and expelled from school due to his violent behavior. As the second Joestar, he’s a complete and stark contrast to the first Joestar, Jonathan, who was the complete opposite of all of these traits in the first segment, Part One.

By Part Three, Joseph has had a lot of time to mellow out, now accompanying his grandson, Jotaro on his adventure at the wise age of sixty-eight. Now far less aggressive and lazy, Joseph is often seen as kind to his allies and cares about protecting them, even with his goofier side sometimes shining through. Often the one behind numerous pranks, Joseph’s humor certainly never aged with the rest of him. Although sometimes, he’s funny without ever having meant to be. For example: pretending to know how to ride a camel only to make a complete fool of himself once the time came.

Unveiling the Iconic Joseph Joestar Outfit

JuanShowPro showcasing their amazing Joseph Joestar cosplay

Well, it’s no secret that Joseph has quite a few outfits that would be fun to replicate. Since he’s the second most reoccurring Joestar throughout the series, it’s only natural that he has an extensive wardrobe compared to most other characters from anime. However, we’re going to hone in on one of his most infamous outfits.

This outfit is often compared to the notable Indiana Jones and there’s a good chance this outfit is a reference to that. Start with a pair of long brown pants, straight cut and a pair of low top, black and brown shoes to match. Slide on a yellow, buttoned polo with a collar and short sleeves over top. Now add a black leather belt to tie the shirt and pants together before tossing on an old tan, fedora with a dark brown stripe to rest on top of your head. Lastly, a pair of black arm sleeves and of course, the mischievous dog Iggy.

Striking a Pose as Joseph Joestar: Embrace the Iconic Character Designs

Jojo’s character designs have been infamously drawn by manga artist Hirohiko Araki and can now be spotted from miles away. Other series often take inspiration from the poses and dramatics of the show and now it’s your turn to strike your best pose as Joseph Joesta.

If you’re looking to channel the cool and cunning energy of anime characters, consider trying out the costumes of Itachi Uchiha from “Naruto” or Killua Zoldyck from “Hunter x Hunter.” These popular manga series feature characters who share similarities with Joseph Joestar in terms of intelligence, skills, and personality. Online, you can find a variety of options for their outfits, including Itachi’s iconic black cloak with red clouds or Killua’s distinctive deep V-neck T-shirt with the number 99. To enhance your cosplay, consider adding accessories like a headband, ring, or wig to complete the look. Not only are these costumes easy to wear and comfortable, but they will also make you stand out at any cosplay event.

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