Dress Up Like The Beldam Other Mother from Coraline

If you are looking for a good The Beldam Other Mother costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as The Beldam Other Mother from Coraline.


costume-The Beldam Other Mother-Coraline

The Beldam Other Mother from Coraline Costume Guide

Coraline is probably the creepiest children’s movie you will ever watch, and the scariest part of that film is the Beldam, the creature that poses as Coraline’s other mother. Perhaps the most frightening feature of the creature is that it has buttons for eyes, making it a wonderful costume for Halloween. Here is how to create the perfect Beldam costume and dress up as Coraline’s other mother for Halloween! 

Costume Tutorial - Dress Up Like The Beldam Other Mother from Coraline
The Beldam, Coraline’s other mother.

In the 2009 film, Coraline Jones is an intrepid little girl with boundless curiosity. Her parents, who have just moved into a strange house with her, have little time for her. She discovers a different world where everything is perfect… Coraline is tempted to take up residence in this marvelous world, which meets all her expectations.

But the dream will soon turn into a nightmare. Prisoner of the Other Mother, Coraline will have to fight to return home and save her True family. 

You may come out when you learn to be a loving daughter.

~ The Beldam “disciplining” Coraline after she refuses to have buttons sewn over her eyes.

After Coraline rejected the love and care of the Other Mother, she transformed into a scarier version of herself – a combination of her actual appearance and her appearance as Coraline’s real mother.

How to create the costume of the Beldam, Coraline’s other mother

To become the monstrous creature known as the Beldam, you have two choices.

  1. You can choose the “nice” version, in which the monster looks exactly like Coraline’s real mother, except for the eye buttons,
  2. or you can pick the more monstrous version, where the creature’s true form is revealed. 
Costume Model 1 - The Beldams' Second Form
The Beldam – First Form- Costume Model

Costume Model 1 – The Beldams’ First Form

To embody the “nice” version, you will need black capri pants and a white sweater, as well as red sneakers. A black wig will complete the look. A fun detail to add is the little rooster mit that the “other mother” was wearing when Coraline first meets her. Finally, of course, you will have to wear little glasses with button eyes to become the monster.

The Beldam – Second Form- Costume Model

Costume Model 2 – The Beldams’ Second Form

If you picked the monstrous version, you will have to wear a black dress with little white polka dots, as well as a pair of red heels, which the Beldam wears when its true form is revealed, with its long spidery limbs and creepy smile. 

Coraline’s Other Mother’s Makeup

In this video, Rebecca Seals shows us how to replicate the other mother’s makeup.

For a more realistic look, you can recreate the other mother’s makeup. Put white paint all over your face, and use black paint to accentuate different areas, such as the cheeks and the eyes, to mimic the creature’s terrifying face. The video even shows how to paint buttons on your eyelids! 

With one of these two looks and the realistic makeup you’ve learned how to do, we’re sure your friends will be terrified when you show up in this Beldam costume!