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The movie “Destroyer” features Nicole Kidman in a powerful performance as LAPD detective Erin Bell. Bell is haunted by her past as an undercover officer and must confront the gang members she once infiltrated in order to seek redemption. The movie is a dark and intense psychological thriller, with Kidman delivering a masterful performance that showcases her range as an actress. The supporting cast, including Tatiana Maslany and Sebastian Stan, also delivers strong performances. Overall, “Destroyer” is a must-see for fans of intense crime dramas and for anyone looking to see Kidman at the top of her game.

Nicole Kidman’s Look

Nicole Kidman radically transforms for drama ‘Destroyer’. Source: A combination of Nicole Kidman in the film “Destroyer” from Variety magazine and the actress at the London Film Festival from VCG.)

One of the standout aspects of “Destroyer” is Kidman’s transformative performance. She completely disappears into the role of Bell, delivering a complex and nuanced portrayal of a woman struggling with her own demons. Kidman is known for her ability to take on challenging roles, and “Destroyer” is no exception.

“The way I look and behave in the film is the result of a lot of trauma,” Kidman said. “That’s the beauty of cinema, you use the image, you don’t always have to have the words.”

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Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe in “Destroyer”

In addition to her performance, Kidman’s wardrobe in the movie is also noteworthy. She sports a range of outfits, including a black leather jacket and jeans that is reminiscent of Bella Swan’s outfit in the “Twilight” movies. This is not the first time that Kidman has been compared to Bella Swan, as she is a known fan of the “Twilight” series.

Comparing Kidman to other actresses

Kidman has often been compared to other actresses who have taken on challenging roles and delivered powerful performances. For example, she has been compared to Cate Blanchett for her ability to disappear into a wide range of characters, and to Meryl Streep for her versatility and range as an actress. She has also been compared to Angelina Jolie for her role and outfit as Mrs. Smith in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith“, where she wore a similar black leather jacket and jeans outfit.


In conclusion, “Destroyer” is a must-see for fans of intense crime dramas and for anyone looking to see Nicole Kidman at the top of her game. Her performance, as well as her looks in the movie, are sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences.