Mrs. Smith Outfits: Angelina Jolie’s  Clothes, Style and Looks

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) is a cult movie that almost everyone remembers. You either went to the cinema to see it on the big screen or watched it at home when your parents bought the DVD. This action comedy film was quite something back in its time, especially since it followed the real-life romance of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. However, let’s leave Brad out of the equation today and focus on the best Angelina Jolie Mr and Mrs Smith outfits. Like, who wasn’t in love with Mrs. Smith?

The spicy Mr and Mrs Smith outfits


Brad and Angelina in white outfit – Mr. & Mrs. Smith 20th Century FOX

What happens when a married couple finds out that both of them are assassins, and their missions are to kill each other? The tension that Doug Liman had in mind while directing Mr. & Mrs. Smith surely is noticeable, but it is a loving passion or hatred? As our protagonists live their lives in danger, fearing every move the other person makes, we get to see them in various environments – sometimes they are a couple, sometimes enemies.

John and Jane Smith might not be names that stand out, but the beautiful couple surely does get a lot of attention everywhere. 20th Century FOX

This ensures some great Mr and Mrs Smith outfits, and while they are sometimes elegant and high class, at other times, things get pretty messy and casual. We’re fascinated with Angelina Jolie’s performance here – the natural beauty doesn’t need much to accentuate her feminine, daring look.

Mrs Smith’s baby pink dress


GET THE LOOK!mrs-smith-inspired-pink-chifon-dress


Angelina Jolie in her pink dress was so graceful in this movie – would you ever believe that she was an assassin? 20th Century FOX.

As the couple constantly goes out and seeks adventure, we see many fashion choices by Michael Kaplan, the costume designer. This baby pink cardigan and pink little dress are perfectly spiced up by the boots and the fishnets. The upper half of the costume might look very innocent, but this is merely a mask.

Mrs Smith latex outfit worn by Angelina Jolie

product-the-strapless-dress-in-latex-worn-by-jane-smith-angelina-jolie-in-mr.-and-mrs.-smithGET THE LOOK!

This daring look on Angelina Jolie in her latex outfit was supposed to be a provocation aimed at her husband, Mr. Smith. 20th Century FOX.

The famous Angelina Jolie latex outfit that we’ve all secretly been waiting to see… Women wanted to be her, men wanted to be with her, and this seductive latex dress only made it worse. The bold look accentuates the waist and is therefore very flattering. Pair it with black heels, an elegant updo, and some minimal jewelry, and you’ve got yourself the original Mrs. Smith look.

The iconic Mrs Smith Black Dress

angelina jolie mr and mrs smith outfits - black maxi dress


The movie poster features our mysterious couple, but do they both make it to the end ? 20th Century FOX.

If you’ve heard the saying about the little black dress, we’re happy to let you know that a woman’s best friend might be a black dress, but not necessarily a little one. This femme fatale long, black dress with a slit is a great choice for a simple, yet effective outfit. The so-called Mrs Smith black dress can be paired with voluminous hair, but also an updo. We like the knee-length choice too, as well as the one with cutouts, but the real mystery lies in the long, flowing fabric.

Angelina Jolie’s white outfit from Mr and Mrs Smith




The exotic look Angelina went for in this scene captivated everyone, including the future Mr Smith. 20th Century FOX.

The Mr and Mrs Smith white outfit is supposed to be all lovey-dovey, as Jane and John match their colors. However, there is still lots of tension in the air. This time, it’s a good kind of tension – the couple met in Colombia as they were both running away from the authorities. They dance together and immediately fall in love. We can see why, as this all-white outfit Angelina wears truly would catch everyone’s attention. You can pair the lacy top with a flowy white skirt. Don’t forget your Colombia-friendly sunglasses.

The red boots Angelina Jolie wore in Mr and Mrs Smith


angelina jolie mr and mrs smith outfits -red bootsGET THE LOOK!

Mr and Mrs Smith’s white outfit: As they glimpse at the catastrophe brought on by their very career choices, the couple rethinks their choices. 20th Century FOX.

We love how the white is combined with orange and red in the scene, and the red Hunter boots were the perfect choice for some easily accessible footwear. The iconic shoe brand is easily spotted thanks to the white label on the front, but make sure you steal your boyfriend’s oversized shirt (or get your own) to tie the whole look together. You would rather wear such an outfit as a cosplay costume? Read this step-by-step guide for Mrs Smith’s costumes.

Floral Angelina Jolie Mrs Smith dress

angelina jolie mr and mrs smith outfits - floral red summer dressGET THE LOOK!

The Smiths can sometimes, although rarely, look like a truly normal couple, can they not? 20th Century FOX.

The last Angelina Jolie Mr and Mrs Smith dress we want to mention was simply too delightful to be forgotten. The floral, simple look is a great choice for both spring and summer, but the red tones on the dress would probably fit in on a hot Fall day as well. The flowy dress fits Jane Smith well, and we’re sure it’s a great addition to her minimalist closet.

If you wish to take one last glimpse at the couple’s dynamic and hear the iconic “You still alive, baby?” by Angelina Jolie as Jane Smith, we suggest you watch this clip from the movie. 20th Century FOX.

We hope you liked these Angelina Jolie Mr and Mrs Smith outfits as much as we did! Don’t hold this text against us, as we simply had to give Mrs Smith some spotlight of her own. Although the movie represents a quite dangerous couple, their wardrobe is often minimalistic, which makes all these pieces perfect for different style pairings, different countries, and new identities.

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