Dress Up Like Courtney from Total Drama Island

If you are looking for a good Courtney costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Courtney from Total Drama Island.

Costume or Outfit Guide For COSPLAY & HALLOWEEN

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Courtney from Total Drama Island Costume or Outfit Guide

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In this article, you’ll find out what you need in order to create an excellent Courtney from Total Drama Island costume for your next dress-up event.

Season One contestant, Courtney Prescott, makes a bad impression on the other contestants following the very first challenge. Total Drama Island, by Gilbert and Sullivan on Fandom

Total Drama Island is the title of the first season’s show of the Total Drama franchise, a Canadian comedy series created by Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch that premiered in 2007.

Total Drama is a fictional reality show that follows teenage contestants as they live together and compete against one another for the prize of $100,000.

The series is obviously inspired by real reality shows such as Survivor and Fear Factor with contestants having the opportunity to make alliances, earn immunity and vote people off as well as competing in challenges. Courtney Prescott is a contestant of season one and continues to make appearances throughout the following seasons of the series.

According to an interview with Jennifer Pertsch, one of the co-creators of Total Drama, Courtney is partially based on Reese Witherspoon’s character, Tracy Flick, in the 1999 movie Election. 


Courtney thinks she is a born leader which is evident in the way she bosses fellow contestants around. She’s very competitive and has exceptional athletic ability and strength, which should all be considered great qualities in a teammate,  but her attitude and her scheming ways make her very unpopular.

Well…… she’s actually pretty popular with the guys on the show. She’s kissed more of the guy contestants on the show than any other girl in the series has. Maybe her bossy, headstrong demeanor is an attractive quality, who can say? 

Recreate the look of Courtney from Total Drama Island with these helpful tips

courtney being iconic for 2 minutes straight

To create a great Courtney costume for your next dress up party or cosplay event you’ll need a brown mid bob cut wig, a pair of green cropped chino type pants, a quarter length sleeve button up shirt in white with a gray short sleeve cropped sweater or cardigan over it.

Finish it off with a pair of brown Birkenstock sandals that wrap around the ankle and you’ve got the look! Perhaps you’ll want to slip a stick of lip balm in your pocket to keep those lips ready for the next lip locking session as you play your part of Courtney Prescott from Total Drama Island.

f you have a companion for the party, this DIY tutorial: Dress Up Like Duncan from Total Drama Island could help you to find a perfect match.

Good luck!

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