Kathryn Newton’s Lisa Frankenstein Outfits: An 80’s Goth Girl and her Dark and Brooding Wardrobe

When it comes to writing a horror movie, there is only one thing desired more than good box office sales and that is the cult classic status that catapults your movie to a new underground level of popularity. And if anyone is going to achieve it with 2024’s comedy horror Lisa Frankenstein, then it is Diablo Cody, who has already proved herself worthy with her feminist classic Jennifer’s Body. But you need more than just comedy and horror, all the pieces from the perfect cast to their killer wardrobe need to fall into place. Something that isn’t proving to be a problem for the Kathryn Newton Lisa Frankenstein outfits.  

Original trailer for Kathryn Newton’s 2024 comedy horror Lisa Frankenstein.  

Kathryn Newton’s Understated Autumnal Button-up Shirt and Shorts Graveyard Look 

Kathryn Newton’s Understated Autumnal Button-up Shirt and Shorts Graveyard Look 
Misunderstood by her peers Lisa Swallows prefers to spend her time in the Bachelor Grove Cemetery reading and imagining a new life with the dead residents. Lisa Frankenstein, Focus Features. 

Described by some as a coming-of-rage story, our Victiorian bachelor resurrecting and monster-making misunderstood teenager played by Kathryn Newton, goes on a comedy horror filled journey of murder and missing body parts, to find love and happiness.   

But she doesn’t start out the Frankenstein of our dark love story, even if it was always inevitable with the amount of time spent in her local Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. Instead our quirky and lonely teenager is a vintage vision in her autumnal orange and brown patterned button-up shirt, khaki green shorts and pearl and chain neck brooch. 

Lisa-Frankenstein-Outfits-Clothes-Wardrobe-Costume Inspo
At least this time Kathryn Newton stays in her own body, after her first comedy horror movie Freak (2020) saw her body swapping with a murderer.
1980’s Gold Plated Brooch w/ Resin Pearl and Hanging Chain Attachment 

Lisa’s Whistles Red Mini-Shirt Dress in Lisa Frankenstein

Lisa’s new life, after her father married narcissistic Janet, following the murder of her mother also comes complete with a popular yet kind step-sister Taffy. Lisa Frankensein, Focus Features. 
Whistles Red Floral Stripe Mini-Shirt Dress worn by Lisa Swallows (Kathryn Newton) as seen in Lisa Frankenstein.
Whistles Red Floral Stripe Mini-Shirt Dress worn by Lisa Swallows (Kathryn Newton) as seen in Lisa Frankenstein.

No stranger to death, trauma or a life full of evil forces after her mother was killed by an axe murder two years previously, Lisa Swallows’ new preppy step-sister is desperately trying to socialize the isolated teen. Meaning only one thing, “the first critical rager of the year”, a shot on Taffy’s tanning bed and a wardrobe change out of Lisa’s very 80’s Whistles red floral striped mini-shirt dress with its statement frilly collar. And back into one of the more typical dark and brooding Kathryn Newton Lisa Frankenstein outfits.  

It was the 80’s so when it comes to hair, the bigger the better, especially once you start teasing it with your fine-tooth comb. 
Lisa and Taffy attend the first “critical rager of the year” in this extended clip.

The 80’s Pajamas of Lisa Swallows and The Creature in Lisa Frankenstein

It isn’t everyday that after expressing to the grave of a Victorian bachelor that you want to be with him that you find the corpse reanimated and standing in your bedroom. Lisa Frankenstein, Focus Features.  
Lisa should have been more careful what she wished for, just like Maddie Kelly in Irish Wish. (Steal her look here)

If you ask Lisa Frankenstein costume designer Meagan McLaughlin Luster she might tell you that Lisa is a reflection of her in the 1980’s, not an outsider just someone who “marched to her own drum.” Initially dressed in conservative and lightly feminine clothes with a subtle youthful innocence. The look of which can best be seen through her floral flannel pajamas, or the frilly Lanz of Salzburg nightgown that she lends to The Creature. 

Or even in the oversized, relaxed cowboy patterned two piece pajama set that was straight from Meagan’s personal collection.    

The cowboy patterned pajamas worn by Lisa Swallows actually belonged to the movie’s costume designer Meagan McLaughlin Luster. 
Lanz of Salzburg Flannel Nightgown worn by The Creature (Cole Sprouse) as seen in Lisa Frankenstein.  

Lisa Swallows Dark and Sexy Make-Over Lace Dress

Lisa has The Creature to thank for her new found confidence and darker, sexier wardrobe transformation. Lisa Frankenstein, Focus Features.
Cole Sprouse plays the non-verbal, resurrected bachelor of Lisa’s dreams, who comes to only be known as The Creature. 

When things take an unexpected turn in Lisa’s life with the arrival of The Creature and their murderous plan to put him back together piece by piece, it is actually the Kathryn Newton Lisa Frankenstein outfits that go through the biggest change. 

From an innocent and sweet girl, she is thrust into a world of self-discovery and eventually even finds a way to become the person she has always been on the inside. Epitomized in the movie with her black lace dress, with its mini hem length and long bell sleeves, she confidently strolls through the corridors of her high school wearing.    

The Blossom Hat Worn by Kathryn Newton in Lisa Frankenstein

It isn’t just the matching hats that Lisa and Blossom have in common, with both being smart and intelligent, while not being afraid to show it. Lisa Frankenstein, Focus Features. 

Lisa Frankenstein is full of old, classic 80’s movie and television references, with even Lisa’s red toned color palette, that is seen throughout the movie, coming from the little known 1989 Spanish dark rom-com Tie Me Up! Tie me Down! 

But nowhere is a reference more noticeable than with her Blossom hat, named after Mayim Bialik’s hat-wearing teenager in the Blossom Television series. The floppy hat, this time in black, is almost identical to the original with its large white central fake flower. 

Costume designer Meagan McLaughlin Luster talks you through how she created the Lisa Frankenstein costumes. 

Tip: Dress Up Like Lisa Frankenstein

Lisa’s Buffalo Print T-shirt in Lisa Frankenstein

Even when it comes to a simple garment like a t-shirt, the new Lisa goes all out, with a mesh insert, sexy silhouette and bold yet dark and moody plaid. Lisa Frankenstein, Focus Features.
SHEIN Buffalo Plaid Print Contrast Mesh Off-Shoulder T-Shirt worn by Lisa Swallows (Kathryn Newton) as seen in Lisa Frankenstein.  

It looks like the late 80’s are making a bit of a comeback when it comes to comedy horror movies, with Lisa Frankenstein the second in the genre after last year’s release of Totally Killer. 

But where Jamie Hughes was all white leather, denim and Doc Martens, the Kathryn Newton Lisa Frankenstein outfits are the complete opposite. Even differing when it comes to t-shirt patterns, with Lisa opting to show off her dark red tones in a check buffalo plaid rather than Jamie’s more subtle stripes. Adding an extra touch of sex appeal with the mesh paneling and off-shoulder silhouette.   

Lace gloves, pearl stud earrings, and a black leather and red tulle mini-skirt add an extra level of retro 80’s fashion to Lisa’s outfit.

The Lisa Frankenstein 80’s Hair, Make-Up and Nails

Even when it comes to her make-up and nail polish looks, Lisa sticks to her red and black color palette. Lisa Frankenstein. 

It isn’t just the Kathryn Newton Lisa Frankenstein outfits that were used to evoke the 1980’s era, with the hair and make-up departments stepping up to do their bit too. From her simple crinkle, teased hair, styled big and high then finished with a bow, to her thick dark flicked eyeliner and scarlet red lipstick that will bring back some strong 80’s memories.

But If you need a step-by-step guide to steal Lisa’s look check out Pinup Palmer’s Youtube tutorial below.  

Pinup Palmer shows you how to get the Lisa Frankenstein make-up look. 

The Kathryn Newton Lisa Frankenstein Madonna Look

In a clever nod to The Creature Lisa’s embossed floral and vine shrug hints back to his rose, and mud covered original jacket we see him wearing after he is originally resurrected. Lisa Frankenstein, Focus Features.  

The poster girl of the 80’s and its goth girl fashions, the Kathryn Newton Lisa Frankenstein outfits have a real touch of classic Madonna about them. Especially with that dark heavy eyeliner and red lipstick.

But it isn’t just the statement make-up, bold hair and Wayfarer framed sunglasses that say Madonna, there are also all those layers of black tulle skirts, chunky leather belts and the black velvet corset. Finished, of course, with one more layer of luxurious fabric in Lisa’s velvet floral and vine embossed long sleeve shrug with its high neckline and unfussy frilled edges.   

Lisa Swallows Polka Dot Mesh Top in Lisa Frankenstein

Now that The Creature has empowered Lisa to express who she really is and strive for the things she really wants, it’s time for her to seek out revenge. Lisa Frankenstein, Focus Features. 
Polka Dot Mash Top worn by Lisa Swallows (Kathryn Newton) as seen in Lisa Frankenstein.  
Polka Dot Mash Top worn by Lisa Swallows (Kathryn Newton) as seen in Lisa Frankenstein.  

Happily embracing her desire for revenge, and her long buried murderous tendencies, that the resurrection of The Creature has awoken in Lisa her wardrobe starts to reflect her darker attitude more and more. Not even the girly and whimsical polka dot print covering her black mesh, high neck, long sleeved top can make it look any less gothic or dark and brooding. Which is especially true when she pairs it up with her statement scarlet red lips and matching red axe. 

Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse talk us through their favorite 80’s inspired looks from Lisa Frankenstein. 

Only time will tell if Diablo Cody and director Zelda Williams have managed to create the next comedy horror cult classic with Lisa Frankenstein. But, between the witty one-liners, perfect revenge plot and the transformation of the lead from sweet and innocent to a classic vengeance seeking 80’s goth girl, they can’t be far from the coveted title. Especially when you consider the Kathyrn Newton Lisa Frankenstein outfits that might be the opposite of last year’s Margot Robbie Barbie outfits with their pink frills and bows, but will no doubt turn out to be just as iconic. 

MOVIE:Lisa Frankenstein
DIRECTED BY: Zelda Williams