Nana Osaki’s Clothes, Outfits, Style, and Looks

Anime is a genre that leaves a remarkable impact through visuals, fashion, and aesthetics. There are no limits on what the characters can represent through their clothes and make-up since all choices are a few brush strokes away. Today we present Nana Osaki, a character in Nana – and yes, we’ll talk about the Vivienne Westwood lighter and other stylish Nana outfits.

How To Dress Like Nana Osaki?

How to look like Nana Osaki? Black, red, beige and leather should most definitely be your go-to choices, as well as rockstar accessories. Plaid and leopard prints should be staples in your closet if you’ll emboy the Nana fashion!

plaid khaki blazer retro





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Nana Osaki is most definitely inspired by grunge, but she remains feminine.

Nana inspired outfits have been a huge hit ever since Ai Yazawa illustrated the Nana manga, and introduced us all to the outrageously creative characters in 2000. In 2005, Nana was adapted into a film, and in 2006, an anime – let’s just say there are many beautiful outfits to go over.

StealTheSpotlight is a YouTube creator who recognized the fantastic fashion potential in Nana – she decided to compile a fantastic style guide for those who want to embody this unique aesthetic.

In the anime Nana, we meet both Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu. These two young women meet in the process of looking for a new apartment, and they later become roommates, as well as best friends. Nana Osaki, our rockstar protagonist, is looking for fame, while Nana Komatsu, a feminine and delicate character, looks for love.

Nana Osaki’S Accessories

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Vivienne Westwood shoulder bag


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Even when featuring some exquisite clothing pieces in her outfits, Nana still enjoys accessories too.

If you need inspiration on Nana Osaki’s jewellery, we suggest you start looking into stainless steel, chunky jewelry, stockings, as well as pearly earrings and necklaces. Osaki always creates a statement, so don’t be afraid to layer pieces boldly. If you’re here to find out more about the Vivienne Westwood orb lighter, keep reading as well!

nana’s fashion philosophy

Nana Osaki's Leopard Coat in Nana Anime






Osaki’s fashion choices are best described through sounds of clicks and clacks, as her jewelry is heard from afar.

If you know anything about Tokyo fashion, you’ll understand why Nana works hard to stand out. While Osaki’s style is a great reflection of her mysterious attitude, it’s also misleading, as she is not as dangerous and rebellious as she might look. The glamour of the 80s combined with the 90s rock scene inspires her outfits, as well as the work of Vivienne Westwood, a fashion designer from England – the “mother” of the UK punk fashion scene.

The Nana Osaki Ring



Nana looks tough while smoking a cigarette, flicking it between her fingers.

This sterling silver ring might look overwhelming and impractical, but the four overlapping sections allow for free movement. You will surely create a statement, just like Nana does wherever she goes. This luxurious ring has a beautiful planet-like pendant in the front, which you probably know about if you’ve familiarized yourself with the Nana fandom.

Nana’S Vivienne Westwood Lighter



Layla, the lead singer of Trapnest, provokes Shinichi’s attention and therefore is often near his beautiful necklace – the Shin Nana lighter.

The lighter many people love from Nana is sadly not available anymore, but there are many replicas that look exactly the same – they serve as necklaces, just like the original one, but they don’t light up. If you’re into Shinichi Okazaki, you might really enjoy this beautiful, jeweled orb that will completely transform any look you are putting together.

Nana’s Purple Plaid Skirt

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As Osaki, once again lights up a cigarette, we can finally see her occupation – she is a musician and a future star.

Plaid is a pattern many deem traditional and boring, but Osaki proves that it can be very trendy, hip, and modern. It’s often seen that Osaki wears black accessories and jackets, while her tops and skirts usually match in a certain color – this time, it’s the color purple. You can either go for a low-rise skirt or, as seen in the piece we’ve provided, a punk-inspired waisted model.

Nana’s Lotus Tattoo



Nana is pondering life, and we get to see the symbol of resilience, her lotus tattoo.

Embodying a rockstar is a job that demands sacrifice, but you don’t have to match Osaki’s tattoo permanently. The beautiful lotus is often a symbol os strength and resilience, since they grow out of mud. Anime fans interpreted this as a great show of Nana’s strength and the battle she has with loneliness, which is a recurring theme throughout the series.

Nana Osaki’s Leopard Coat

Nana Osaki's Leopard Coat in Nana Anime


As Nana glimpses at the billboard representing the rivals her band is often trying to outshine, the Trapnest or the Tranes, a train goes by.

While all Nana’s outfits have a certain statement piece, one stood out more than the other – the beautiful leopard print coat (or jacket, as some people call it). It’s a great winter piece, but we’re not sure Nana’s too warm, since she wears a pretty short skirt underneath. In many scenes, Nana is portrayed in a flirty manner, and the coat accentuates the wilderness and the untamable nature of this rockstar.

The Chain Earrings Of Nana Osaki

Nana Osaki's Earrings in Nana AnimeGET THE LOOK!

Nana performs the latest hits of her band, and looks as fearless as one can with her stainless steel jewelry.

As previously mentioned, Nana likes to stand out from the crowd, and she often reaches for stainless steel or silver jewelry that has a chunky look to it. If you want to incorporate some of her rock attitudes, try to go for chains, crosses and spikes – this is what she’s seen wearing most often in the show. She also has multiple piercings on her ear, so if you’re brave enough, you can fully replicate her style.

Collars of Nana Osaki

collars of nana Osaki set


Although many would perceive Nana as a goth character, the spikes and the chains prove that her collars are often inspired by grunge.

Chokers and collars might not be for everyone, but Nana is bold enough to wear them with no doubts. Although her friend Nana Komatsu can’t relate with Osaki’s style choices, she often glances at her friend with a proud look – this bold, leather necklace is a great way to accentuate your other fashion choices. If you’re ready to be talked about, this is a great choice for you.

Nana Osaki’s Bold Red Lipstick



Not only does Nana always have lipstick on, but she makes sure that it’s either purple, black or red – bloody red.

What’s a good outfit without some proper make-up? Nana Osaki is a famous musician, and she knows how important it is to look polished. While some fans of the Nana anime feel like red is a great symbol for her passion, others think that it’s just a way to further strengthen the feminine, yet dangerous aura Nana is spreading.

Ready To Watch Nana?

Even if you find the Nana outfits we compiled too bold for your personal wardrobe, you might still enjoy this anime targeted at young women and teenagers. It’s a story about people who live to create their dream life – for some, the goal is fame, while for others, romance.