Maddie Kelly (Lindsay Lohan) Irish Wi

The Lindsay Lohan Irish Wish Outfits: The Romantic Swoon-Worthy Wardrobe of Maddie Kelly

With its nostalgic 00’s rom com vibes, Netflix’s latest release Irish Wish might just be the come-back that Lindsay Lohan fans have been waiting for. The star, who has had her ups and downs since finding fame, is back, teaming up with director Janeen Damian for their second consecutive project for the streaming platform. But this time it turns out you have to be careful what you wish for, which Maddie Kelly is finding out the hard way. However, if you said a little prayer that the Lindsay Lohan Irish Wish outfits would be romantic, charming and stylish statement pieces to make the heart flutter you should definitely read on… 

The official trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s new Netflix rom-com Irish Wish. 

Maddie Kelly’s Moschino Checked Wool Jacket in Irish Wish

Maddie Kelly’s Moschino Checked Wool Jacket in Irish Wish
Maddie Kelly has no idea how much her trip to Ireland is going to change her life, for better or for worse. Irish Wish, Netflix.
Moschino Frayed Checked Wool-Blend Jacket in Teal worn by Maddie Kelly (Lindsay Lohan) as seen in Irish Wish. (Sold out)

Getting the opportunity to travel to beautiful Ireland for your best friend’s wedding might seem idyllic, but what if her groom is potentially the love of your life. That’s exactly what shy and retiring Maddie Kelly is having to deal with when we first meet her in Irish Wish. 

And just to make matters worse, she is also one of the happy couple’s bridesmaids to boot. But if you are going to have to put your feelings aside and show up for your friends you might as well do it in style with a selection of perfect Lindsay Lohan Irish Wish outfits. Just like her Moschino frayed checked wool jacket in that vibrant teal that Maddie wears over her simple white broderie anglaise shirt and jeans when she first meets the charming James Thomas.

Lindsay Lohan’s Green Dresses in Irish Wish

As if going to the wedding of your best friend and the man you believe you are desperately in love with isn’t enough, Maddie agreed to be a bridesmaid as well. Irish Wish, Netflix. 
Green Dress worn by Maddie-Kelly-Lindsay-Lohan-Irish-Wish-Outfits-Clothes-Warderobe-Netflix
It’s understandable that bride Emma wouldn’t go for a darker, richer green for the bridesmaid dresses considering how good the color looks here on Maddie. 

On Wednesday’s Lindsay Lohan might be more used to wearing pink, for her role as the original Cady Heron in 2004’s cult classic Mean Girls, but in Irish Wish it is all about green. Without a doubt a not so subtle nod to the movie’s setting of Ireland, that has long been associated with the bold earthy tone. And luckily for Maddie, and Lindsay, with her dark fiery red hair the color has never looked better. Even if the sage green tone of the bridesmaid dresses with their matching bolero’s pales in comparison to the darker richer shades that she would choose to wear herself.

Maddie’s Delicate Patterned Silk Scarf

You have to wonder how Paul was so oblivious to Maddie’s feelings and the love she felt for him, especially when she spent her time looking at him like this. Irish Wish, Netflix. 

Maddie can’t help but spend her time in Ireland for Paul and Emma’s wedding reminiscing about what could have been between the two of them. With her trying to put a happy spin on those memories, the one thing that doesn’t need to be changed are the Lindsay Lohan Irish Wish outfits that are already flawless. Even when it comes to her simple accessories, like the white and black abstract pattern delicate silk scarf that she loosely wound around her neck. Highlighting not only her stylish black ensemble but that big, loving smile she had for Paul.  

Lindsay Lohan’s Maje Yellow Ribbed Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

Maddie’s mother, played by the amazing Jane Seymour, thinks that she should have spoken up for herself and declared her love for Paul, which is probably why she made that wish. Irish Wish, Netflix. 
Maje Mandarine Ribbed Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater worn by Maddie Kelly (Lindsay Lohan) as seen in Irish Wish. 

In a land that is full of myths and legends, it turns out that not only should you be careful what you wish for but you should also be very careful about where you make those wishes. For example, leaning up against an ancient rock while sitting under just as old a cherry blossom tree definitely seems like a questionable idea. 

But like her life depended on it Maddie has packed the perfect Irish Wish outfits for all occasions, including wishing for a new life. This time with her luxurious cashmere turtleneck sweater in a bright and sunny yellow from the brand Maje, which is perfect for changing your life while sitting on an Irish hillside.     

The Victoria’s Secret Teal Flounce Robe in Irish Wish

Maddie is shocked that her wish has come true and that Emma (Elizabeth Tan) is no longer engaged to marry Paul, and instead she is. The Irish Wish, Netflix. 
Victoria’s Secret Colorblock Flounce Robe in Teal worn by Maddie Kelly (Lindsay Lohan) as seen in Irish Wish. (Sold Out)

So it turns out that it was just as well that Maddie packed some beautiful lingerie and robes from luxury brand Victoria’s Secret in her luggage. Especially when she wakes up to find out those cherry blossom petals that floated around her head meant she was destined to become the new Mrs Paul Kennedy. 

The dark teal color of the Victoria’s Secret flounce robe is the perfect pairing when worn by Lindsay Lohan with her dark, fiery red hair. 

With its delicate satin fabric, flouncy three-quarter length sleeves and sultry lacy peek-a-boo panels just above the hem and cuffs, the sexy Lindsay Lohan Irish Wish outfits looked impeccable on the bride-to-be. Especially with the Victoria’s Secret flounce robe being in that dark teal blue color that really enhances the fiery red long loosely curls of Maddie Kelly.  

 Maddie Kelly’s Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Maddie Kelly’s Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
Maddie’s new emerald cut engagement ring is leaving quite the lasting impression on its new owner and everyone else who sees it. Irish Wish, Netflix. 

Maybe Maddie Kelly’s favorite color should actually be green, as well as it being a nice little link back to the country of Ireland and her Irish Wish it keeps popping up in her looks. Especially with it now appearing in her newly slipped on engagement ring. The stone, an emerald cut, with a scattering of diamonds on either side of the central square stone, is lighter than the dark emerald and much closer to the paler, more vivid green tourmaline in color.  

Lindsay Lohan’s Bridal Moment and White Wedding Dress in Irish Wish

Lindsay Lohan’s Bridal Moment and White Wedding Dress in Irish Wish
Maddie always thought being engaged to and marrying Paul would make her feel better about her life, but maybe he really isn’t her soul mate after all. Irish Wish, Netflix.

With no shortage of stylish fashion moments to be awe-struck over through-out the Netflix rom-com, none will stand-out quite as much as Lindsay Lohan’s bridal moment. Not always a given that the romantic comedy genre will include a white wedding, Irish Wish will no doubt be remembered for it. 

Looking every inch the blushing bride Maddie wears her a-line satin gown with its high neckline and long puff sleeves with the utmost grace. A lace-trimmed cathedral length veil and floral head-piece quietly finishing the look and quite rightly bringing her comparisons to royalty.  

Maddie’s modest satin a-line wedding gown features delicate lace appliques around the front neckline as well as on the sleeve cuffs

The Vivienne Westwood Pearl Necklace of Maddie Kelly

The Vivienne Westwood Pearl Necklace of Maddie Kelly
Now that Maddie has swapped lives and is marrying Paul Kennedy, she wants to make sure and impress his friends and family. And what better way than with a row or three of pearls. Irish Wish, Netflix.
Vivienne Westwood Three row pearl drop choker worn by Maddie Kelly (Lindsay Lohan) as seen in Irish Wish
Vivienne Westwood Three row pearl drop choker worn by Maddie Kelly (Lindsay Lohan) as seen in Irish Wish

With a wardrobe scattered with high-end designer garments it is no surprise that when looking for the perfect accessories to go with the statement Lindsay Lohan Irish Wish outfits that some luxury designer jewelry was exactly what was needed. Particularly when it comes to the modest choice of a pearl necklace. This time given a modern twist with Maddie effortlessly wearing the exclusive and pricey Vivienne Westwood three row pearl drop choker over her deep burgundy knitted dress and cardigan.  

Maddie’s Multicolored Tweed Maje Mini-Dress in Irish Wish

In classic rom-com style both of Maddie’s potential soul mates and love matches come face to face, before she has to make a decision on which to choose. Irish Wish, Netflix. 
Maje Tweed Mini Shirt Dress as worn by Maddie Kelly (Lindsay Lohan) as seen in Irish Wish.

Lindsay Lohan might be the 00’s queen of the romantic comedies, but this time round she is going to have some competition from Camila Mendes, whose latest stylish rom-com Upgraded (find our breakdown of her looks here) only came out a few weeks ago. 

But where Ana Santos favored a monochromatic black and white palette, Maddie Kelly is all about color. Even when those shades are more muted like in her multicolored Maje Tweed Mini Shirt Dress, that has a little bit of everything from pink to blue. Even a touch of green, which works well with the matching green leather Maje belt she has chosen to pair the dress with. 

The Burberry Tan Check Dress Of Maddie Kelly in Irish Wish 

The Burberry Tan Check Dress Of Maddie Kelly in Irish Wish 
Maddie can’t hide her expensive designer tastes, even if she tries to by adding a plum purple colored suede moto jacket over her Burberry dress. Irish Wish, Netflix
A shirt dress in Burberry Check cotton twill. as seen in Irish Wish.

With its tale-tell coloring and check pattern, there can only be one fashion house who designed this dress worn by Maddie Kelly as part of her Lindsay Lohan Irish Wish outfits. And if you hadn’t already been able to guess, then it is Burberry. Famously known through-out the world for their Burberry Check consisting of tan brown, white, black and red arranged in a plaid check pattern, the dress can only be theirs. Just another perfect plaid piece in Maddie’s wardrobe of colorful designer garments.     

Lindsay Lohan’s Ralph Lauren Hali Check Dress and Cropped Denim Jacket

urns out that once Maddie had everything she wished for, she wasn’t exactly sure it was what she wanted. Especially after she got to know photographer James Thomas. Irish Wish, Netflix. 
Ralph Lauren Hali Long Sleeve Day Dress worn by Maddie Kelly (Lindsay Lohan) as seen in Irish Wish. (Sold Out)

Like all good rom-coms Maddie Kelly has got everything she ever thought she wanted, so it must be time for another eligible suitor to come into the mix. Typically bringing out her best features, James helps Maddie’s fun and down-to-earth side shine, particularly when it comes to her Irish Wish wardrobe. Still full of her luxury designer pieces, her Ralph Lauren Hali checked shirt dress with its long sleeves, button-up fastening and tie waist belt is perfect for day trips exploring. Especially when paired with her cropped denim jacket that adds a tough yet simple edge to the bright and bold colors of the dress.  

With Irish Wish being Lindsay Lohna’s second collaboration with Netflix and director Janeen Damian, after her 2022 Christmas hit Falling For Christmas, it seems like she is single handedly bringing back the rom-com genre. But it isn’t just fans of romance and laughs that should be excited, as the rom-coms always have the most swoon worthy wardrobes. Just as we have proved with the Lindsay Lohan Irish Wish outfits that are a stylish mix of designer and high-street looks, that we would all happily steal for ourselves.