Dress Up Like Frankenstein’s Monster from Frankenstein

If you are looking for a good Frankenstein’s Monster costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Frankenstein’s Monster from Frankenstein.


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Frankenstein’s Monster from Frankenstein Costume Guide

Shopping List for Frankenstein’s Monster from Frankenstein Costume & Outfit

Get the Frankenstein’s monster’s Look this Halloween!

No Halloween costume is more iconic than that of Frankenstein’s monster. If you’re looking for a classic costume that is both timeless and effective, look no further! Here’s how to turn into the creature. 

Frankenstein’s creature is, as you probably know, a zombie made of different assembled corpses into which Dr. Henry Frankenstein breathed life. It is one of those characters that have left their mark on literature as well as cinematography. Dressing up as Frankenstein is therefore a good idea for a Halloween party. 

Frankenstein’s monster as seen in the 1931 film, Frankenstein. Credits: Universal Studios

With Frankenstein’s monster, you will play on several levels and no doubt you will be successful in transforming yourself into this being who is both impressive and frightening, but who also inspires empathy, compassion and a certain pity. The 1931 eponymous film adaptation created the visual aesthetic of the monster that is still recognized to this day. 

The costume and makeup were created by Jack Pierce. The iconic makeup was so complex, it took three hours to put on every day, and the actor, Boris Karloff, sometimes slept with it on to save time. However, you won’t have to go that far to embody everyone’s favorite monster. 

Official Frankenstein (1931) trailer. The eerie atmosphere of the film creates the perfect environment for the creature to come to life in Dr. Frankenstein’s arms.

You can just start by getting a mask that looks horrifyingly like the creature. The sickly hue of the skin makes the poor creature look incredibly monstrous, and the bolts and screws coming out of his head and neck are the terrible proof of his inhuman nature. After putting on your monstrous mask, turn your hands into claws with a pair of green monster gloves that mimic green shrivelled up skin. To complete the character, put on a black suit jacket and a black T-shirt with matching pants. It is important for the look to appear a bit oversized and dishevelled. Finally, make the character come to life by wearing a pair of big platform black boots. 

With this guide the perfect Frankenstein costume is all set. Don’t hesitate to really embody the monster by mimicking his bumbling walk, erratic movements, and hunched posture. This iconic character is the proof that monsters never truly go out of style.

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