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Totally Killer: The Time Traveling Wardrobe of Jamie Hughes 

Described as a black comedy slasher film, Totally Killer has as many witty one liners, as gory bloody murders, and without a doubt a wardrobe department that you might actually consider killing for. With neon shell suits, Molly Ringwald copycats and a lot of double denim everywhere, the Jamie Totally Killer outfits manage to blend right into the 80’s. Which surprisingly wasn’t one of the teenagers main concerns… 

The official trailer for the time traveling slasher horror comedy, Totally Killer, which will surely become a cult classic. 

Particularly because it isn’t everyday that you have to fend off the same knife wielding serial killer that terrorized your parents, let alone travel back in time to help them defeat their foe once and for all. But for Jamie (or maybe it is Collette) Hughes that is exactly what coming face to face with the Sweet 16 Killer meant. Especially since it seems they have only returned 35 years later to finish off their high school reign of terror with the murder of the final Molly, her mother.

Jamie’s Totally Killer Vintage White Leather Fringe Jacket

Our Serial Killer slaying lead played by Kiernan Shipka is no stranger to the world of evil forces or strange goings on, having played Sabrina Spellman in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, (read about her style here). 

Totally-Killer-Outfits-White Fringe Leather Jackets
Jamie Hughes White Fringe Leather Jacket and Killer Instinkt T-Shirt Outfit. Totally Killer, Amazon Prime.   

But when the movie starts it isn’t just our witty teenager transported back to the 80’s, with her white leather fringe jacket going along for the ride. A piece originally owned by her teenage mother Pam Miller, the embellished cropped jacket becomes a staple of Jamie’s Totally Killer outfits. Perfect over her simple t-shirts or paired with her light blue denim, Jamie might even foreshadow her future ownership by leaving it behind before returning to the future.    

Jamie’s Totally Killer Vintage White Leather Fringe Jacket
Jamie only had two jobs when she traveled back to the 80’s. One, save her mothers teenage friends from the Sweet 16 killer, and two stop the slasher before they get to her mother in the future. Totally Killer, Amazon Prime.

Comforting and Soft: Jamie’s Cozy Brown Cable Knit Cardigan

Jamie's Cozy Brown Cable Knit Cardigan
Jaime regrets not taking her mother’s worries about serial killers seriously, and for being so dismissive of her desire to spend Halloween at home as a family. Totally Killer, Amazon Prime.

When Jamie’s life takes an unexpected turn and she experiences the horror of losing her mother at the hands of the Sweet 16 Killer, all her toughness and bravado disappears. The resilient Jamie Totally Killer outfits that we come to associate her character with are momentarily replaced by the comfort of her oversized cozy and soft knitted cardigan in a drab and gloomy brown. Symbolic no doubt of the desire for one more comforting hug from her mother that she knows she can’t have.   

Burgundy Doc Martens Worn by Jamie Hughes in Totally Killer

Burgundy Doc Martens Worn by Jamie Hughes in Totally Killer
It pays to have intelligent friends, especially the kind who can turn a photo booth into a time machine that you can use to try and save your mother.

Clearly, it is growing up in the era of slasher flicks, paired with a rebellious teenage nature that gives quick thinking Jamie her witty, courageous and heroic attitude. One that is only reinforced more by her tough and resilient wardrobe of Totally Killer outfits. Just like her burgundy Dr. Martens boots with a chunky platform sole and lace-up closure, that scream she’s ready for trouble.     

The Classic 80’s Inspired Sports Kit 

The Classic 80’s Inspired Sports Kit
“How is this school issued?” Our Serial Killer slaying lead isn’t impressed when it comes to Jamie’s Totally Killer sports outfit, and who can blame her.

It wouldn’t be an 80’s set school comedy horror if it didn’t feature the slightly inappropriate yet mandatory skimpy sports kit that teenagers were expected to happily wear to climb a rope, run laps, or in this case get pummeled by dodge balls. With the script not missing the opportunity to make a joke out of the short shorts and school stamped round neck t-shirt, with a fully kitted out Jamie retorting “They look like they work at Hooters.”

Jamie’s Denim Jacket and Nod to Back to the Future

Jamie’s Denim Jacket and Nod to Back to the Future
The Jamie Totally Killer outfits mostly consist of statement pieces like her leather jacket or this denim one with the embroidered design on the back, paired with simple light blue jeans.

With Jamie’s 2023 rock chick vibe made up of her jeans, leather jacket and t-shirts it was no surprise that her outfits fitted right in with the 80’s surroundings that she eventually found herself transported to. But with so many nods throughout Totally Killers to everyone’s favorite time traveling movie Back to the Future, you can’t help but wonder if Jamie’s double denim look with the intricate embroidered jacket might actually be inspired by Marty McFly himself (steal his look here). 

The Stripy Blue and White T-Shirt that Jamie Wore in Totally Killer

The Stripy Blue and White T-Shirt that Jamie Wore in Totally Killer
Jamie wasn’t expecting to find out that her kind and caring mother Pam was in fact Vernon High’s resident mean girl back in the 80’s.

If only the task of trying to keep her mother and the other Molly’s, another throwback this time to 80’s classic Sixteen Candles, and no doubt the inspiration for the Serial Killers name, alive was as simple as Jamie’s wardrobe. Effortless t-shirts like this blue striped v-neck add a casual feel to her durable denim and leather looks, while the white collar and matching stripes keep the look firmly retro. 

Jamie’s Pale Blue Hoodie

Jamie’s Pale Blue Hoodie
Jamie can’t hang around too long in the past, because when her time runs out the last thing she wants is to be stuck there forever. Totally Killer, Amazon Prime.

With her white leather fringe jacket left behind, for her future self, and her return to 2023 imminent, Jamie’s outfit suddenly feels very modern and teenage like. Playing into her more casual youthful side, with her plain round neck baby pink t-shirt and pale blue zipper hoodie going well with her soft dirty blond wavy hair and tear streaked face. Although the bloody knife grasped in her right hand probably adds just enough menace to stop the look becoming too innocent and sweet. 

Costume designer Patti Henderson discusses creating the iconic characters’ looks and pulling inspiration from the 80’s.

Even with all the moments of terror courtesy of the Sweet 16 Killer, and the witty one-liners aimed at some of the 80’s most problematic attitudes, there is no doubt that it was actually the Jamie Totally Killer outfits that drew people in. Especially her statement fringed leather jacket and light blue jeans, that epitomize the decade and her character’s personality flawlessly. Seems like this knife wielding serial killer should have stayed in the past, because they’ve met their match now in Jamie Hughes.

MOVIE:Totally Killer
DIRECTED BY:Nahnatchka Khan