Dress Up Like Ron Weasley from Harry Potter

If you are looking for a good Ron Weasley costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter.


Costume-Ron Weasley-Harry Potter

Ron Weasley from Harry Potter Costume Guide

Harry Potter is a series that everyone is familiar with and besides its notable main character, Ron Weasley is a character one may never forget. Get inspired to make the best Ron Weasley cosplay, whether it’s for yourself or with a group!

Dress up like Ron Weasley
Thor as he appears in Avengers: End Game

Let’s first look at Ron Weasley’s origins before we move on to the costume

Ron is actually the sixth person to attend Hogwarts due to being the second youngest of seven. He’s a pure-blood but unlike most other pure-blood families, the Weasleys weren’t rich by any means.

Like every other Weasley, Ron attended Hogwarts and was sorted into the Gryffindor house. He met his soon-to-be best friends on the train to Hogwarts and while he quickly befriended Harry, it took Ron a little while to come around to liking Hermione since he saw her as a little snooty and didn’t take to her need to correct him on his pronunciation of the incantation Wingardium Leviosa. This left a very negative first impression on Ron at first but later when the two boys saved her from a troll, she proved grateful enough to take the blame for the whole thing, changing Ron’s mind about her entirely and the three of them have been.

How do you create Ron Weasley’s costume?

Mr Cosplayer shares some insight on how to do makeup for a Ron Weasley cosplay

The Hogwarts uniform is fairly easy to replicate, as it’s similar to most uniforms with a little extra pizazz.

  • Start with some long black pants, low-top black shoes, and a white button-up shirt.
  • On top of that, throw on a black sweater with gold trimming and a red and yellow tie to match the Gryffindor motif.
  • The Gryffindor maroon and black cloak can be thrown on overtop and the red and yellow scarf wrapped up along with it.
  • To completely seal the deal, throw on a messy, ginger wig, and don’t forget Ron’s trusted pet rat, Scrabbers. Last but certainly not least his unicorn tail hair wand, to top it all off.

    These elegant-looking outfits were actually designed by Judianna Makovsky and she did an excellent job because they’re certainly memorable. So get out there and show the world what the Weasleys have to offer in your Ron Weasley cosplay!

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