Lupin Chair

As seen in: Lupin

Designer: Fabio Novembre

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As seen in Lupin, the large black swivel-type face chair Assane Diop (whose clothing style we discussed here) played by Omar Sy is sitting on makes him look smaller than he really is. Standing at 1.2 meters high, the chair is commanding. Thus calling it a Lupin chair.
Lupin is a French TV series that deals with a gentleman thief, Assane Diop, and his trials in taking revenge against the wealthy family responsible for his father’s death.
Designed by Fabio Novembre in 2009 for Driade, the Face chair is made of molded polyethylene. Available in four colors, black, grey, white, and red all in a matte finish. The chair may be used outdoors as well.
There are two versions of the chair, one with a swivel base and the other standing on a pedestal that looks like the neck as the base. The chair resembles a Greek mask when looking at the back of the chair. You will see engraved curving lines on the inner portion of the chair.
Owning such a chair would feel like being in a play. The playful and theatrical style makes for a very interesting conversation piece that would either awe your guests or scare their children.

Width: 90cm
Depth: 83cm
Height: 135cm
Seat Height: 41cm