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10 Must-Have Gift Ideas for Assane Diop Lupin Fans

If you have a friend or family member who can’t get enough of the charismatic gentleman thief, Assane Diop, from the popular Netflix series “Lupin,” you’re in luck. Assane’s charm, intelligence, and impeccable sense of style have captivated fans worldwide. As a tribute to this iconic character, we’ve curated a list of 10 gift ideas that are sure to delight any Assane Diop or “Lupin” fan. From stylish clothing to home decor, these gifts will transport them into the world of high-stakes heists and thrilling adventures.

Lupin Cushion

Let’s start with a touch of sophistication for the living room or bedroom. The Lupin x Musee du Louvre cushion is a perfect choice. This elegantly designed cushion featuring the iconic Musee du Louvre pyramid will add a touch of Parisian class to any space. One side captures the Louvre pyramid’s groove and glass pattern, while the other features a soft-touch surface with coordinating graphics.

Lupin Cussion original from the Netflix store. The perfect gift for art and Lupin fans. 🏛️🪑🎁

(Available at Netflix Shop)

Lupin Side Table

Complete the Lupin-themed home decor with a Lupin x Musee du Louvre side table. It’s not just a table; it’s a piece of art that combines practicality with style, ideal for a fan who appreciates aesthetics and functionality. This side table, inspired by the Louvre pyramid and featuring a quote from Assane Diop, the show’s protagonist, is a captivating conversation piece. The quote reads: “You saw me, but you didn’t really look.”

The ‘Lupin Table’ with the quote: ‘You saw me, but you didn’t really look’ – a gift that captures the essence of Assane Diop’s character. 🎩🪑🎁

(Available at Netflix Shop)

Lupin x Lacoste Netflix Shop Exclusive Polo

For the fashion-forward fan, the Lupin x Lacoste Netflix Shop Exclusive Polo is a must-have. This limited-edition polo shirt features a sleek design inspired by Assane’s signature style, combining elegance and comfort. (Available at Netflix Shop)

Dress like a gentleman thief with the Lupin x Lacoste Netflix Shop Exclusive Polo – a gift that combines elegance and comfort! 🎁👕

(Available at Netflix Shop)

Jordan Men’s Air Jordan Sneakers

Give the gift of style and comfort with a pair of Jordan Men’s Air Jordan Sneakers. Assane Diop’s smooth moves demand quality footwear, and these sneakers are perfect for fans who want to feel as confident as he does.

Nike-Men's-Basketball-Shoes-Sneakers- Gift Ideas for Assane Diop Lupin Fans
For fans of Assane Diop and basketball, these Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes are the ultimate gift to up your game on and off the court. 🎩👟

(Available on Amazon)

Miniature Face Chair

For the ultimate “Lupin” fan with an eye for design, a miniature face chair is a unique and eye-catching gift. Assane’s adventures often lead to unexpected places, and this artistic piece can be a conversation starter in any room.

Add a dash of whimsy to your table with the Miniature Face Chair Figure – a charming gift for Lupin fans! 🎭🎁

(Available at 2Modern)

Woolen Tweed Beret

Assane is known for his impeccable fashion sense (here we discussed Lupin’s outfits), and a woolen tweed beret can add a touch of French sophistication to any outfit. A classic choice for those who want to emulate his style.

Gift Ideas for Assane Diop Lupin Fans- Must Have Cap
Stay stylish with the Woolen Tweed Beret – a gift that adds a touch of French sophistication for Assane Diop Lupin fans! 🎩🧢🎁

(Available on Amazon)

Lupin TV Series Laptop Folie

Upgrade their laptop game with a Lupin TV series laptop folie. This is a practical gift that showcases their love for the show. Whenever they open their laptop, they’ll be reminded of Assane’s thrilling escapades.

Laptop makeover for the Lupin lover! Get the Lupin TV Series Laptop Folie and stand out in style. 🎩💻

(Available at Redbubble)

Arsene Lupin Book

Let your “Lupin” fan dive deeper into the world of gentleman thieves with a collection of Arsene Lupin stories. These classic tales by Maurice Leblanc are the inspiration behind the series and offer a captivating read.

The Complete Collection of Arsène Lupin 10 Books
For the true Arsène Lupin connoisseur – The Complete Collection of Arsène Lupin: 10 Books. A perfect gift! 📚🎁

(Available on Amazon)

Arsene Lupin T-shirt

Make a fashion statement with an Arsene Lupin-themed T-shirt. This is a subtle nod to the original character and a perfect addition to their wardrobe.

Arsene-Lupin Gift-Idea-T-Shirt
Wear your love for Arsene Lupin with pride! The Arsene Lupin Inspired T-Shirt – a gift for devoted fans. 🎁👕

(Available on Amazon)

Lupin-Inspired Steel Mug

For those who enjoy their favorite beverage in style, a Lupin-inspired steel mug is a great choice. It’s not only practical but also a fantastic way to start the day with a touch of sophistication.

Sip in style with this Lupin fan’s delight – the Lupin The Third Stainless Steel Mug with Lid and Straw! 🥤🎁

(Available on Amazon)

These 10 gift ideas for Assane Diop Lupin fans cover a range of tastes, from home decor and fashion to literature and collectibles. No matter which one you choose, you’re sure to make a fan’s day and help them immerse themselves even further in the thrilling world of Assane Diop and his daring heists.